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Just Another Newb Checking In...

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Hello, just thought I'd check in.  I'm a new caregiver and decided to make an account.  I'm what you might call a looooooooong time pot forum LURKER (think pre Overgrow) but this is the first account I've ever registered.  Definitely still a little nervous about the whole concept...


I came here to try and keep myself and my patient/future patients out of trouble.  The way the laws and interpertations of the laws change in what seems like a day by day basis is what has finally prompted me to sign up.  Ignorance of the law is expensive you know!  I've lurked this forum for quite awhile and appreciate the knowledge base here.


So with all that said, once again, hello!

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Welcome to this forum !


Following the rules in this law can be confusing at times, but the reward is a huge vote for our movement, and a positive one to boot ! Surprisingly, they're not much different than us longtimers followed decades ago.




Thanks for the welcome.  I've read a lot of your posts and copy a lot of things you do.  I can appreciate the lengths you go to for your own safety.


So are you familiar with the 777?


I prefer Cleanshot as it leaves less residue...lol...No, I'm not familiar...at least to my knowledge ???


Well. Things have been pretty productive for us here, or so I like to think, lately. I hope you find what you seek. Welcome aboard nugget.


Thanks for the welcome GregS but who's "nugget"? lol


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I see this forum as just the opposite of "out there". Seems very conservative to me.  The grow help information  here is at the top of its game though,compared to the sophomoric approaches to cannabis gardening in some of the other forums. I like it too and look forward to it's growth.

This is one OUT THERE MMJ site. That's why I like it so much. People say what they really mean,and sometimes are rough,but that's the way the world is. WELCOME.

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