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Planet Green Trees Radio Tonight


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Planet Green Trees Radio- Tonight 8-10pm

www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion-


Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-


Tonight- The discussion continues on SB 783, a bill that would change the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act and allow landlords to prohibit medical marijuana activity on private property, was introduced by Senator Jones and was subsequently heard in the Senate Judiciary, chaired by Senator Jones and passed out of committee unanimously in an inordinate amount of time.The student government at Central Michigan University passed a marijuana reform measure through the student government House and Senate where it now awaits consideration from the student body president. We will also revisit the issue of owning and possessing firearms while being a Michigan Medical Marihuana Program participant.


Joining us tonight- Robin Schneider, legislative liaison for the National Patients Rights Association, attended the Senate Judiciary hearing and offered testimony. Robin has also had discussions with groups in support of the measure. Josey Scoggin, founder and President of Sons & Daughters United, and Executive Director of Capital Area Compassion, also attended the hearing and offered testimony.


Ian Elliot from Student Advocates for Medical and Recreational Cannabis, a group formed as a registered student organization in the Fall of 2013 at Central Michigan University, will be calling in as well. Ian and his organization provided the major influence for marijuana policy change by the student government at CMU.


Discussion on the legal environment involving guns and and marijuana activity protected by the MMMA.


Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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komorn has a point. 


patient a rents a building for growing.

leo busts the building and asks the landlord if its prohibited or not.

if not, hes encouraging drug house and building gets seized.

if yes, patient gets double screwed.

if the owner said marijuana was ok in the lease agreement, thats a conspiracy charge.

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(btw, i am confused having both josie? and robin on at the same time, haha)


why is robin going to 'wait and see' on jones bill? jones is running full speed with his bill to criminalize patients.

think he'll put an amendment when it hits the floor? he cant amend a bill to move it to a completely new section of law.

nows the time to stop this.


waiting for what? ponies to fly out of jones butt ? 

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I was more than a little shocked that an advocate like Robin would adopt an 'appeasement' strategy with Jones.  Seriously, you did not think he very well knew it criminalized breaking a lease?  That it stripped protections from patients?  That the same Senator that sponsored a bill forcing parents to chose between their children and their medicine was somehow 'unaware'?  Stop enabling people like Jones.  Or making excuses for them. Being civil and acting like adults during a discussion of potential bills does NOT mean rolling over, assuming what they did was a mistake because they say so (after they were caught and called out on it by Denise), and saying 'Wait and See'.

  1. Every time someone proposes opening the MMMA, ask 'How does this improve access and help patients?'
  2. If the answer is that it does not, oppose it.  Point out that it does not help.  Offer alternative answers.
  3. Do not make excuses, try to justify or appease.  Get your facts together and make your case.

Seriously, why on earth would anyone not oppose a bill that strips protections from patients when the same goal is very simple to accomplish by other means????  I was sickened listing to the lack of a plan and a lack of a backbone when it came to the reports on the hearing.  Sounds like maybe we should have Denise there for us instead.


Here is a possible solution:

  • Enforce the lease, just like everyone else.
  • If tobacco smoking is allowed, so is marijuana.  If it isn't, then it isn't. 

Dr. Bob

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