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They're Not So Bad, Once You Get The Chlorophyl Out....

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for a week now i've been smoking leaves--i know, ick.  But hold on, they are effective for short durations and not harsh or bitter once they have been water cured.   A female patient who frequently bot 'leaves'--sugar trim-- shared with me that she puts leaves through a water cure--7 changes of water in 7 days.  Each day pour off the green water and put in fresh water.  When they're dried, the smoke is ok.

And you know what--she's right.  She told me earlier, she said, but i wasn't ready to listen.

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the real deal is that you're removing many of the water soluble/organic materials during the "water cure", an age old way of turning trash into stash. In the end of the wash whats left is a concentrated amount of the little active ingredients left in the trichomes present on the leaf material. The rest my friend, is oxygen deprivation, tar, carcinogens. You'd be way healthier extracting the active ingredients and using them instead.  do you have access to quality buds currently ?

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