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Dried Blood Is A Pesticide? Eww


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The United States EPA (U.S. EPA) must establish a tolerance level for any pesticide used on a raw agricultural commodity or exempt the pesticide from tolerance levels before it may be registered for use. A tolerance level, or maximum residue limit, is the amount of pesticide residue allowed to remain on a food commodity. Once registered, a grower may use the pesticide legally on the specified crop. Agricultural inspectors then test plants to ensure that pesticide residue measures at or below tolerance levels. Currently, since there is no established tolerance level nor an exemption from establishing a tolerance level for any pesticide used on medical marijuana plants, any use of a pesticide is in violation of the federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, Section 408(6a). It is unlikely that U.S. EPA will establish a tolerance level for medical marijuana use as long as it is illegal federally.


Maine LD 1531 lobbied for by dispensary owners including the 18k fined Wellness Connection "In a summary of the settlement with Wellness Connection, the pesticides board said the pesticides were “potentially harmful” to patients using treated medical marijuana. The company agreed to the penalty in July."


only to find they no longer have the need to use ANY pesticides in their operations! kudos! they could have saved 18 thousand dollars with one phone call !




The bill prohibits pesticides that require federal registration from being used on medical marijuana, but would allow use of any of the pesticides included in the list list of minimum risk pesticides that are exempt from federal regulation under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, Section 25( B).




The list includes: Castor oil (U.S.P. or equivalent); Linseed oil; Cedar oil; Malic acid;Cinnamon and cinnamon oil; Mint and mint oil; Citric acid; Peppermint and peppermint oil; Citronella and Citronella oil; 2-Phenethyl propionate (2-phenylethyl propionate); Cloves and clove oil; Potassium sorbate; Corn gluten meal; Putrescent whole egg solids; Corn oil; Rosemary and rosemary oil; Cottonseed oil; Sesame (includes ground sesame plant) and sesame oil; Dried Blood; Sodium chloride (common salt); Eugenol; Sodium lauryl sulfate; Garlic and garlic oil; Soybean oil; Geraniol; Thyme and thyme oil; Geranium oil; White pepper; Lauryl sulfate Zinc metal strips (consisting solely of zinc metal and impurities); Lemongrass oil.


Cali http://www.canorml.org/prop/CRB_Pesticides_on_Medical_Marijuana_Report.pdf

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rotten eggs as a pesticide eh?


how come diatomaceous earth aka silica isnt on the list?

fda says its safe, theres food grade versions , and they put it into all kinds of processed foods.

its a dust, so there is a lung and eye irritant danger. otherwise its inert , safe for environment etc.



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Heck yeah! Thats why you put the shells and stuff in your compost. Silica is only good to kill slugs,or you can get a toadhouse. But again,check the lable,there are some brands of slug control that are not safe for your animals.I check every month to see what dog foods have been contaminated by China,like putting mellamine in dog foods. Always check that lable,even the "expensive" brands use the same stuff. A lot of my friend feed raw,but I just can't believe you can give a dog raw turkey legs. They say they only splinter if the bird is cooked. I don't know....we kinda stay with what we always feed. But I still check the ingredients on the bag. And T,they put silica in baby powder. I would use corn starch instead.

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I NEVER give my dog bones,,, ever.. the one time i did, it got lodged in its bowel,, cost me 450.00 to have it removed, perforated bowl... since then 30 yrs never a dam bone, beef or chicken.. milk bones instead..

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