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New Drug Czar Tackles Weed, Prescription Pain Pills


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Robert Siegel talks to Michael Botticelli, acting head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, about battling drug abuse at a time when drug laws are changing around the country. 


Here's the link.


Take your blood pressure medication (uh, cannabis?) before you read or listen to this one. Botticelli is vehemently anti-cannabis. 

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"Michael Botticelli brings an interesting personal story to a job that's reached an interesting moment in its history. He is acting director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy - acting drug czar, for short. President Obama has nominated him to the job permanently. He's also a recovering alcoholic, sober for 25 years. And he is coordinating national drug policy at a time of rapid changes in state laws controlling marijuana. It's also a time when prescription painkillers have become a huge drug problem. Michael Botticelli, welcome to the program."


We've been wrestling with the concept of Addiction as Disease since this country was founded. Himself a self admitted victim of Americas first preferred and legal drug/addiction: Alcohol.  Alcohol remains a legacy like the common cold that we seem plagued with. Prohibition wasn't the answer, understanding and treatment are the answers as he himself knows only too well as a

'Recovering Alcoholic'. Wonder if their was any 'Time Served' as part of his 'treatment'.  By the way there is no slowing down on Alcohol Consumption and or I dare say the rate of Alcoholism either, however no rumor of another prohibition.  


Also not much mention of Cannabis' associated drugs: Crack, Cocaine, Heroin, LSD or Big Gulps ... 

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