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Gupta About Lsd, Mdma And Other Psychadelics Roll In Psychotherapy


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Just caught it on CNN.  They mentioned Medical MJ and said, with recent light on medicinal effects of MJ, there is more call for research into psychadelics in psychotherapy. Are people waking up to realize they can't trust the gov't? It seems that Gupta is now realizing everything needs a little more looking into.  Just because the gov't has already ruled on doesn't mean it's true.

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Nothing is as it seems. I think this funny business has been going on for eons, like in cycles. We cant learn from it because we have no real truthful history to rely on, so its destined to repeat, in their favor. People have been put to death for cannabis crimes, that's how we know we're on to something. I read leo spends more money on marijuana eradication and prosecutions than any other crime. By golly, I think we're getting close now. It like the only people thinking outside of the box are the ones turning to nature to heal. geesh. good catch on cnn! thanks

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