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Medical Miracle Marijuana Man / With Video

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PORTSMOUTH -- Irvin Rosenfeld was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. He developed a very painful bone disorder that grew worse the older he got.

On various medications he discovered new relief when he tried marijuana in college in Florida. "So once I realized it and convinced myself of that by trying it for awhile and getting better when I used it and getting worse when I didn't that I decided I wasn't a criminal I was a patient. And that the Federal government was the one who outlawed it and so the Federal Government should be the one who legalizes it," said Rosenfeld

He decided to move back to Virginia and take on the federal government using the analogy of a Patrick Henry 'give me liberty or give me death.' "And so thank God I finally got a hearing before the FDA. And I won those hearings in 1982 and I became the second person in the US to receive federal medical cannabis from Uncle Sam," added Rosenfeld.

For 32 years he has legally smoked ten medical marijuana cigarettes a day. He works as an executive for an investment company in Fort Lauderdale where he will light up a liquid form on breaks outdoors. And his last physical revealed his lungs were working at 108% capacity.

"And now I can honestly say that I've educated this entire country. And half the population is now protected by their state laws saying that they are allowed to use medical cannabis if it is approved by a qualified physician," concluded Rosenfeld.

After celebrating his father's 95th birthday in Portsmouth Irvin heads back to Florida. And he noted that legalizing medical marijuana is on the ballot in Florida for the November elections.



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So,  The fed gov't has patents, gives out joints to at least 2 people and 1 of them has been smoking 10 joints a day for 32 years and has 108% lung capacity but smoking MJ is not medicine and they prosecute people for trying to help people with health problems?  You HAVE to be insane to live in the US and keep your sanity.

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