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Georgia Drug Warriors Raid Okra Grower, Looking For Marijuana

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This is marijuana:


This is okra:

okra-plants2-cropped.jpg?h=413&w=550Garden Box

Basically the same, right? If you agree, you may have a bright future as a Georgia drug warrior. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that heavily armed Broward County deputies, accompanied by a helicopter and a K-9 unit, showed up at the home of retiree Dwayne Perry in Cartersville on Wednesday after someone spotted his okra plants from the air. "They were strapped to the gills," Perry told the paper. "Anything could have happened." Fortunately, no humans or dogs were killed.

Georgia State Patrol Capt. Kermit Stokes, whose agency is in charge of the anti-pot task force in which the deputies were serving when they stopped by Perry's place, assured a reporter for WSB-TV, the ABC station in Atlanta, that it was all an honest mistake. "If we disturbed them in any manner, that's not our intent," Stokes said. If we disturbed them? Detracting further from his semi-apology, Stokes suggested that it still was not clear exactly what Perry was growing and that the cops' confusion was readily understandable. "We've not been able to identify it as of yet," he said. "But it did have quite a number of characteristics that were similar to a cannabis plant."


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GM give the warriors a break. The plants had green leaves didn't they? That's why you should only grow pine trees on your property. When leaves are green it's an honest mistake.


Stinkin good fer nuttin cops. If it was an inconvenience . . . Obviously they got a warrant with probable cause being based on the plant looking like marijuana. I thought you had to have 20/20 vision or vision correctable to 20/20 to be a cop????


Next year I wann be searched by those cops. I'll take em out back to my garden and point at all the weeds and tell them I suspect it's marijuana and I need them to remove em but leave the tomatoes alone. Then maybe I can convince them that if my grass grows too tall it's gonna turn into marijuana so I need them to keep it nice and trimmed.


This is the country we live in.  Worthless worthless worthless cops.  When are the masses gonna wake up?

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So these guys don't even get upclose pics from the helicopter that they have to take to a botanist to be identified for a warrant?  Holy shiite.  There's the farging problem.  I needed help, up close to id a bunch of plant species when i had my botany job.  Giant ragweed is all over my NY prop and wild strawberries and a bunch of other plants that look really similar to MJ.  I'm surprised they never came by.  They sure spent thousands flying over it all the time.


 Poor guy.  It's unfortunate so many innocent people have to suffer over an eradication effort on a plant which people WANT around.

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