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Another No Knock Raid And Another Casualty. This Time A Baby.


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Forgot to cut and paste the article. Note that the guy they were looking for wasn't even at the house and no drugs were found at the house. They thought there were no kids there but there were 4. That tells me they did no surveillance before their armed ninja roided out testosterone driven raid. Scum. Every one of em. Scumbags with guns and grenades. No difference between them and criminals except the polyester monkey suits. Oh and except that our tax dollars pay these scums' salaries.


(CNN) -- A federal prosecutor will review the case of a Georgia SWAT team that threw a flash-bang grenade into a playpen, according to a Tuesday statement.


The news comes a day after a state grand jury declined to return an indictment.


The incident, which severely injured a 1-year-old child, occurred in May when the Habersham County Special Response Team conducted a drug raid in Cornelia. The grand jury began hearing the case late last month.


"Federal authorities have been participating in the investigation of this terrible incident, and now that a state grand jury has declined to return an indictment, we will review the matter for possible federal charges," said U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Sally Quillian Yates.


The police officers involved were called baby killers and received threats following the incident, Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell said at the time.




Wanis Thonetheva is being held without bond.


Wanis Thonetheva is being held without bond.


The SWAT team, made up of six or seven officers from the sheriff's department and the Cornelia Police Department, entered the Cornelia residence of Wanis Thonetheva on the morning of May 28.


A confidential informant hours earlier had purchased methamphetamine at the house, the sheriff said.


Because Thonetheva had a previous weapons charge, officers were issued a "no-knock warrant" for the residence, Terrell said.


When the SWAT team hit the home's front door with a battering ram, it resisted as if something was up against it, the sheriff said, so one of the officers threw the flash-bang grenade inside the residence.


Once inside the house, the SWAT team realized it was a portable playpen blocking the door, and the flash-bang grenade had landed inside where a 19-month-old was sleeping, the sheriff said.


A medic on the scene rushed the baby outside to administer first aid, and a nearby ambulance transported the baby to a hospital.


The child's mother, Alecia Phonesavanh, told CNN affiliate WSB the family was sleeping at her sister-in-law's house when police arrived, and the grenade seared a hole through the portable playpen after exploding on the child's pillow.


"He's in the burn unit. We go up to see him and his whole face is ripped open. He has a big cut on his chest," Phonesavanh told the station at the time.


Thonetheva, 30, was not at the home at the time of the raid, but the toddler's mother and father and their other three children were inside. Thonetheva's mother was also at the house, Terrell said.


Thonetheva was arrested at another Cornelia residence, along with three other people, shortly after the raid, Terrell said. He was charged with distribution of methamphetamine.


Thonetheva was not charged with any weapons crime, and as for drugs, Terrell said officers found only residue in the home.


In hindsight, Terrell said at the time, officers would've conducted the raid differently had they known there was a child inside the home, but there was no sign of children during the alleged drug purchase that prompted the raid.


"We might have gone in through a side door," he said. "We would not have used a flash bang."


CNN's MaryLynn Ryan, Devon M. Sayers and Martin Savidge contributed to this report.

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if they had actually done their investigation thy would be aware of all occupants in the structure to avoid injuring innocents.


Flash grenades? does anyone know when these began to be acceptably used in civilian homes? gee, if he didn't mean to hurt anyone, the cop could try to get that wigged judge to preside.......

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This makes me sick to my stomach and not want to be to friendly to any po po I may run across in my daily life, I am not in the right state of mind and most def would wind up killing an officer or worst yet suicide by cop!



Pigs make me ill an so do  there bosses and the laws that they are supposed to protect us with, when did the law become take no prisoners alive including baby's?   Im sick in the head and would most def shoot if some one conducted a no knock raid on me, and we all should do the same thing, no to wrongs do not make a right, but why should law abiding citizens or law breakers lose their children to leo who does not follow the law?


we need to arm our selves and make it a fair fight,,,,look at the guy in pennsylvania or what ever state it is that killed to cops and they cant find him, I hope he takes more cops out before he gets cuaght, I dont care what he did against the law, Im rooting for him to take out leo before they take him out!  yea im having a bad morning, but all leo who acts like that should have a bad last few days of life!


Peace but no peace to peace officers!

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 I cant imagine how I would feel if my baby was blown up by a military bomb thrown at him by police. What are we to think when we see the targets the gov practices shooting at, "desensitizing" targets,  with pregnant girls, old women, and children BULLSEYE


! Looks like the Desensitizing Targets are a success !  another victim of the war on drugs, the families of suspected drug users, their pets, property, and even their babies .so sad




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The time has come

A fact's a fact

It belongs to them

Let's give it back


How can we dance when our earth is turning?

How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

How can we dance when our earth is turning?

How do we sleep while our beds are burning?


The time has come

To say fair's fair

To pay the rent, now

To pay our share

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It's us against them, again!  Why can't we all just be Americans and stand up for each other?  They have these cops so fargin brainwashed.  Who the fux would throw a flash bang into an area they can not see!!!!!  How many more innocents have to die?  How many more people have to have their lives ruined/taken by LAWS not drugs!  Meth, heroin, coke, all introduced by LEGAL pharma companies.  The biggest overdose rate ever CAUSED BY Pharma companies and who do they go after?  The citizens!  Pharma gets let off by having to make a few commercials about how bad POT is!!!


You realize now what they mean by the war on drugs, it's a war on our own citizens.  I've never seen a drug convicted yet!!!

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