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Citizens Jailed On Trumped Up Charges A Foretaste Of Coming Woes


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Several trusted friends with significant contacts in the federal government have reported that they personally know of many citizens who are sitting in jail on trumped up charges, all the result of retaliatory actions on the part of the federal government. The reason? The only reasonable explanation is that the current administration and its enablers in Congress seem determined to punish those who run afoul of what the Washington elitists deem to be the politically correct manner of speaking and behaving in the new world order.

While many of these citizens are being held in prison on trumped up charges, others are "guilty" of obscure laws that are rarely enforced. But federal attorneys with an agenda can use these laws to put away an unsuspecting citizen who is not only unaware that they committed a crime(s) but unaware that such laws exist at all.

A report was issued last year in a book which indicated that the average citizen in the United States commits an average of three crimes per day, most if not all of which are felonies. These citizens are unaware of problems with their actions due to the fact that so many laws are on the books that it is impossible to keep up with them all. It is even difficult for lawyers to keep up with them. But in this day and age under an oppressive government such as the Obama regime, woe be unto you if you show up on their radar screen as a troublemaker for the political goals and ideology of the Administration. You could find yourself in trouble with the law, even federal prosecutors, the most dishonest of which will find a rationale, any rationale, using obscure laws, to create a legal nightmare for the unsuspecting citizen.

Once a citizen demonstrates to the Washington political elitists that he may be a significant threat to the goals of the current government and thus shows up on the radar screens of the Obama Administration, the elitist leadership in Congress, and the Justice Department in particular, it is easy enough for that citizen to become a target. The purpose is to silence their voices and discredit them. How better to do that than to bring false charges against these citizens, many of whom lack the funds, time, and resources to mount a successful defense? So, it's off to prison they go for crimes they did not commit.

Given that this is already being done across the country, especially in the "deep blue states," it should not be too hard for the populace to accept the fact that their government could be gearing up for such a prosecution of citizens on a grand scale after the midterm elections and before Jan. of 2015 when the new Congress is sworn in. This could be one of the ways the "progressives" carry out their "purge" of conservatives, libertarians, Christians, pro-lifers, gun owners, Constitutionalists, and other liberty oriented citizens. But in spite of the fact that this is already being done on a much smaller scale, progressives have responded with vitriol, character assassination, charges of trumped up facts, and the like at the mere suggestion that such a thing could be implemented on a broader scale. Perhaps this information hits a bit too close to home.

When the Examiner published a story late Monday on this issue, the disclosures made in that article elicited numerous comments from citizens who run the entire gamut between conservatives and libertarians on the one hand, and collectivist progressives on the other. Understandably many of the comments are quite passionate and vehement on both sides.

For their part the progressives attempted to discredit not only the information in the article but its author. The claim was made that no such plan of retaliation against liberty oriented citizens has been discussed by the Administration. Aside from the fact that there is no way for them to verify that claim, the progressives seized the story as more evidence of conservative conspiracy theories, tin foil hats, and so forth, all in an attempt to malign those who would even suggest that the federal government has, indeed, considered the plan being reported. Putting a plan on the docket for consideration is not the same thing as approving the plan. At this point there is no information indicating that the plan has been approved for implementation. But there is information a-plenty that the plan has been and is still being discussed as a possibility.

It is not difficult to envision this Administration implementing this scourge, even if it is on a scaled down basis. They have a history of targeting conservatives and others through the IRS, the Justice Department, Homeland Security, the EPA, and other agencies. They have succeeded in tossing citizens into prison on trumped up charges or on charges that they committed obscure felonies that no one has even heard of. So why is it too giant a leap to envision the Administration conducting such a campaign of retaliation on a much broader scale?

Even so, this is no time to become hopeless or to give up to the inevitable. Sometimes a strong response from citizens will result in a stand down order from the Administration. This happened at the Bundy Ranch. Government snipers had their high powered assault weapons aimed directly at the Bundys and the citizens who went to the Ranch to defend them. But when it became clear that these courageous citizens would not back down and possessed the firepower to go head to head with government snipers, the Administration and the Senate (particularly Majority Leader Harry Reid) were forced to back off. A major catastrophe -- maybe even a civil war -- was averted.

And this is the value of reporting dangerous and stupid courses of action being considered by the Feds. An informed citizenry is a force with which to be reckoned. The outrage of citizens who are livid that their government would even put such a scheme on the docket for discussion as a possible action may be the one thing that prevents this ominous plan from being implemented. Those who report it may be maligned and lampooned, but if such reporting leads to a change of course for the Administration, then the objective has been met no matter how vehemently "progressives" malign the messengers.


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Oh come on. The Bundy Ranch situation is not a good example to use for "freedom loving citizens" who are harassed by the government. The Bundys want to get free grazing rights on Federal land. Federal land belongs to all of us, so the Bundys are in effect stealing from other "freedom loving citizens". Now if the Feds change their policies and say that no one has to pay grazing fees, I have no problem with that, but as long as everyone else has to pay why shouldn't the Bundys pay as well?


As far as the government setting up detention facilities for wacko right wing militia groups who resort to violence to try and get their way, well I think I would rather have those people locked up anyway. Ordinary citizens end up getting hurt when the crazies bring out their guns "to teach the government a lesson". We are the friggin' government for God's sake. The people the crazies really want to hurt are the "progressives" who believe in principles that the crazies don't believe in.


Some of these people are really only Taliban/Al Quaeda/ISIL in camouflage suits.

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