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Stanley Bros Grow 36,000 Hemp Plants For Epilepsy Oil


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on a 17 acre plot the stanley bros in colorado grow charlottes web and other high cbd strains to make oil for epilepsy patients.





theres a dr in here who comes up with the canards:

they're giving it out to large numbers of very vulnerable children

without knowing the correct dose is

without knowing the kind of epilepsy its going to work for

this fukken doctor knows the prescription epilepsy medication can CAUSE DEATH AND HAS CAUSED DEATHS.


SHE FUKKEN knows that the FDA and pharma companies have NEVER tested ANY of these epilepsy medications on children. its pretty much illegal to test on children due to ethics and consent.


SHE FUKKEN knows that no one knows the correct dose of any medication on any person, including children, because all people are different and react differently to all medications.


oh, and she knows that both the pharma companies, the doctors and the pharmacists dont know which prescription epilepsy medication will work for what epilepsies. anyone whos ever gotten a prescription from a doctor has had the 'we'll try this medication first, then if it doesnt work, theres another medication that might work' speech.


not to mention that these kids have all gone thru all of the prescription medications FIRST.


in the video the parents of children in the program have said the doctors told them to "go home and enjoy their children because they wont survive."


so come on mrs doctor at colorado childrens hospital. what do the kids have to lose by trying this cannabis oil? after everything else has failed? after given a death sentence by their doctors? whats the risk? oh we dont know how cannabis works!

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