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honestly Yields are largely determined by grower habits and veg time. I never consider yields over quality. The lowest yielding plant I've ever NOT been able to bush up was that Dr Grinspoon punk plant. I loved rolling her pure calyx' and the lack of buds was unique, but the plant is weak and vulnerable.


The Cannbio plants listed at the attude are the ones I tried, but skipped the hazes. I always go for the ten pack regulars and flower two males just in case. After judged the clones are either kept for another try, or culled for good.

 I did not save one of their offering, no did I culture any of them. Have no doubts though, their gear was professionally produced with love and attention, just not the profiles I was seeking at the time.  ALL of the cannabis I've ever tried was good for somebody, maybe just not me. some were better for me than others. crappy strains are more often not the strains fault at all, but the growing habits forced on it. feed the soil, every strain knows exactly what to do.



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I used to stay in contact with Charlie from Canabiogen when we were at SSC

he was a regular in the presevation projects and brought me in on the Blue Mountain

Jamaican which was a cool thing to participate in breeding projects that end up becoming professional seed band offerings :)

most of their strains are for preservation and would be more in demand with breeders or those looking for unique landrace strains

as a matter of fact the Taskenti gets my attention as a breeding tool but I admit I didnt find any keepers in the BMJ run :(

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