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Is Vaporizing Only For Oil

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The have bud vaporizers that you break up the bud and it heats up in a vapor form and you inhale it most times the material stays green and can rendered down into butter after use as for a place to buy one I got mine off of EBAY



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finding info on vaporizing? good question, no idea.

little bit here http://michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/page/articles/health/ingestion-methods


go on youtube and watch some videos?

check out volcano vaporizers, they have some info too



feel free to ask more questions here, we have answers, just not a big guidebook for you to read.

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I have an awesome store that I go to with a very knowledgable sales person who got me lots of information.


I have a $10 X-Vape that works really well on top of a $20 eGo Twist 1100 battery. I see lots of cool things out there in the $200 range and I look forward to seeing the difference.


King Diamond: When I vape dry herbs I wind up with nothing left. I reckon it's getting too hot? Here I was all happy that I was getting complete combustion (no ash or nothin' left at the end here).

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nothing left? are you sure you arent inhaling the ash and your pen is missing a screen? lol...


Well....no...I suppose...


I got a battery and vape head for some friends this Festivus season and they had same results. The waste material residue (would never use the "r" word for it) is more prevalent than I thought after cleaning it thoroughly but there is never anything to ash out of the main chamber.

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Vaping buds is cool and all, but the real deal is vaping finely crafted hash




The stuff is great, and if you know someone who is good at it, it's well worth the price. 


Here is a great breakdown;




120-160 micron hash -  21-25% THC-9 with .5-2% cbd (this can be flipped for certain types). Great stuff for the economy shopper. 

75 micron - 24-27% Good for a more mild medication. Usually wont find it often.

50 micron - 35-40% Amazing stuff. A good blend of medium and small heads. Usually pungent. Pure melt, great for pain.

25 micron - 50-60% and higher. This is extreme couch lock. Comes in extremely small batches. Definition of "Medicine". 




The 120 catches all of the indica heads, Often it will have higher CBD's in it. It has more plant material, but is still delicious in a vaporizer. Keep that in mind when looking. You don't need the expensive stuff when it comes to hash unless you are really hurting. If you need something to keep you active then purchase the 120+ micron stuff.



Is the hash black or super dark green? It is LOADED with plant material. You are looking for a blonde color with just a hint of green. Best to stay away from unless you don't mind.




The best part of hash for the vape smoker is the value. There is no leaf, no stick, no stem. You buy a gram, you get a gram and use every spec. It's powerful and extremely long lasting.






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