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From Merriam Webster:


resin - : a yellow or brown sticky substance that comes from some trees and that is used to make various products

           : an artificial substance that is similar to natural resins and that is used to make plastics




From Wiki:


Resin in the most specific use of the term is a hydrocarbon secretion of many plants, particularly coniferous trees. It is distinct from other liquid compounds found inside plants or exuded by plants, such as sap, latex, or mucilage.




From the urban dictionary:


the greasy build-up on that forms on the inner surfaces of weed paraphernalia after smoking. It can be scraped off and smoked as if it were hash. smoking resin is not as good as hash though, and this frugal practice is looked down on in some circles as being ghetto, or the last resort of a kid with no weed.
333.26424 Qualifying patient or primary caregiver; arrest, prosecution, or penalty prohibited; conditions; privilege from arrests; presumption; compensation; physician subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty prohibited; marihuana paraphernalia; person in presence or vicinity of medical use of marihuana; registry identification issued outside of department; sale of marihuana as felony; penalty.


4. Protections for the Medical Use of Marihuana.
(h) Any marihuana, marihuana paraphernalia, or licit property that is possessed, owned, or used in connection with the medical use of marihuana, as allowed under this act, or acts incidental to such use, shall not be seized or forfeited.
I've asked before "What about the resin in the bowl left after consuming medical marihuana?" to no answer except "Don't be sarcastic it isn't constructive" but the question was legitimate especially in the face of Carruthers. So like any good Citizen I set out to inform myself and figured I'd float my findings for others.
Any marihuana, which is the resin residue because it contains THC and Carruthers reminded us that THC is Marihuana (See People v Campbell, 72 Mich App 411, 412; 249 NW2d 870 (1976); see also MCL 333.7106(3).,), is allowed under Section 4 immunity under the act because THC is marihuana which is allowed. That it is not "usable" is irrelevant as the Act provides for the possession, ownership and even USE if connected with the medical use of marihuana. That is to say the resin on your screen gets burned as you smoke your medical marihuana in the bowl. The "use" of it is covered as it is "incidental to such use".
Taking it a step further: Any marihuana used in connection with the medical use of marihuana shall not be seized or forfeited. A preparation of dried leaves and flowers in oil form is usable marihuana but even if a more strict definition is applied to preclude it as such there is still no authority for seizure or forfeiture of said preparation under Section 4 (h) as long as the other requirements of Section 4 are met.
Below is the "Campbell" opinion from 1976 for anyone interested:
THC is most commonly found in its natural state, being the active ingredient in marijuana, but it can also be produced synthetically. In the present case, it was uncontroverted that the substance sold by the defendant contained natural THC. Based on this fact, the defendant contended, both at trial and originally in this appeal, that he should have stood trial for sale of marijuana, a four-year felony, rather than the charged offense. He pointed to the language of the Controlled Substances Act, MCLA 335.301 et seq.; MSA 18.1070(1) et seq., and argued that the act intended to include the sale of only synthetic THC in the category of narcotics carrying a seven-year penalty, while it intended sale of natural THC to be punished only under the provisions dealing with marijuana. On appeal the prosecution has agreed that the defendant's interpretation of the relevant provisions of the Controlled Substances Act is the correct interpretation of those provisions. This Court agrees. The language of the act supports this conclusion. Unless the statute is so interpreted, any person selling marijuana could be charged with sale of THC and become subject to the greater penalty since all marijuana contains at least a trace of natural THC. In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, the Legislature did not intend such an anomalous result.
I'm not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. This is my interpretation and "suggestion" of the law as per forum rules and guidelines, nothing more. Your Liberty is your own to protect. I offer this for one person's perspective on the subject.
If you think discussing the same things as the Court of Appeals is "beating a dead horse" then please pass by this carcass quietly. Otherwise I look forward to evidence and citations regarding why I am wrong or right or a different direction entirely. Be safe.
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Aww. You're no fun.


Speak for yourself. I had a few friends who subscribed to his same theory - fortunately I love the taste of roaches. They taste like coffee in the morning after breakfast. I was well supplied and they were happy I kept their ash trays empty.


Perhaps a "roach" disposal service is in order for all of the upper upper class high society people like GM? A "Forgotten Harvest" for "Usable marihuana"?

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"upper upper class high society people like GM"

if you only knew !

ok..humor?...or truth ??

lets try truth, with humor sprinkles.

I harvest weekly, and often have sampled buds drying too, of future harvests, for inspection, inhalation.
I have fresh(the best) cannabis at ever possible stage of finish you can imagine, (even down to pure DNA).

It is my duty in my job to sample every exquisite cultivar I've produced, after a thorough inspection. This includes
crude extractions to determine %/potency, a few peaks under a 1600x digi microscope, and the underside of a licked paper.

Now, this works out well for me. You see I require medication often(some days more than others) to treat my symptoms. I also fortunately appreciate fresh, organic, spirit loved, hand fed, hand trimmed Afghani region cannabis. This stuff is readily available to me on a daily basis. I successfully juggle weights and plant counts to make this so, for each patient. Its a lot of work I know, but someone has to do it.
It long ago occurred to this pipe scraping roach hoarding user, right around my first legal harvest, that the effects, smell and taste were more accurately descriptive of the strain within a fresh sample . The overall experience for me was a higher vibration with fresh clean herbal preparations than a sloppy mess leaving me with the oft suspect stink finger. Worse yet was the revisit of these disgusting ash tray nuggets another day. Strange enough to me of course that these were frikken gems for much of my life, prized and sought after.
I first gifted a patient a huge jar full when he inquired to a similar post. My wife was kind enough to remind me that that
giant jar of roaches was indeed counted as weight. That was it for me, not the deciding factor of use or not, but save or not.

As a creature of habit I habitually toss my roaches into my fireplace ashes/coals, or empty the ash tray when I notice it filling or smelling.

I extracted from a two ounce pile of roaches, all with paper removed. The result was a sloppy dark tar, ash tray smelling concentrate mess. did it give an effect? of course. I recall an effect from inhaling the fools weed too, most likely o2 deprivation maybe.

My patients get exactly what they said they needed when we met. when I gift more they cook it or make candy to give back to me! they don't want my slobbered roaches either. stinky lips, stinky fingers, stained lips, stained fingers, inhaled ashes, no thanks, I quit along time ago :P

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That was a quote from AC/DC's "Big Balls" (I'm upper upper class high society, God's gift to ballroom notoriety, I always fill my ballroom the event is never small, the social pages say I've got the biggest balls of all.)


Thanks for the respect though that my opinion was worthy of such a thought out response. I was kind of kidding about the Forgotten Harvests until I was in the shower thinking "Imagine potential if everyone got their bowl resin together and made a concentrate." ran out of hot water though so couldn't finish the thought. Next time perhaps.



You know whats great in the morning, is making bhang in a percolator and adding hashish to the tray along with the favorite herb.

roaches would mess that up for me.  lol


That's what makes the world work. Everybody gets what they need as they need it by some cosmic chance.


All the same. Resin is marihuana.

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