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Is Your Doctor Recieving Kickbacks?


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Another good show from John Olliver, which leads to the inevitable question; Is my doctor receiving payments to place me on particular medications?


Check out OpenPayments.cms.gov to see what drug companies are courting your doc. Mine has a clean bill of health, and I for one am greatful, he's not addicted to free lunch.


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docs also accept bids from big pharma to "sell" patients directives. From this point on the advice and medications received are part of the big pharma trials we hear about, at the patients' expense. More than one physician I know of personally has doubled his practice income accepting these types of bids. Patients need not be aware of any details of the deal.  If we're going to be guinea pigged maybe we should be the ones paid????

NOBODY is RX Deficient !


 they read like this example.




6 feet, gastro issues, clubfoot, psoriasis.  $ 7500.00-six months program entry.

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Thanks for the video Slipstar059.


Sadly, it is probably an understatement of the actual truth, but pretty darn close.


I will surely share it elsewhere :D


Tell me, who are the drug dealers again?


I wonder what kind of kickbacks the FDA gets? That question, will probably never be answered truthfully.

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This interlude is brought to you by cannabis, because you forgot to get your nookie with the little, umm, woman. Ask your doctor if cannabis is right for you.





Hahaha that is great.....................


I looked up my doctor she had 197 bucks all food and drink. Looked up my pulmonary specialist.6900 bucks.


Edited to add that the 6900 buck doctor had payments of 1500, 1200 quit a few like that.

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