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sure, if you wish to alter the taste of your coffee like burnt popcorn or hay. I've heard of some people who  eat their "duff", or hold their breath and smoke it for an effect, and some eat nasty roaches too. I say try it, you may like it.

 Now, make it with some fresh dried herb and you'll love it. I've even made warm cream infusion with the extract of buds, chilled it, then hit it with the nitrous oxide in my whipped cream thingy. The whip was tasty, but discolored, and very potent. I used 5 grams of extract(about one ounce of buds) and a little under a quart of cream to start.


For a real bhangin treat use a percolator and put a quarter ounce or so on top of your coffee grounds or tea leaves, and some cream or even milk to the water, and sit back wait for the light to go on!  cinnamon, cacao, nutmeg, or any spices you can imagine can be added. have fun!

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after heating to the point of evaporating the active compounds we love, I always wondered what is left besides vegetable material? I suppose that would depend on temps, exposure, etc. I made hard candies in the past and no way would I do that much work with anything but tasty fresh cannabis. Grass to edibles always grabs the hay flavor in my limited experience, vaped or not, but some people really enjoy that flavor. To avoid it I  extract from the bud and use the resulting oil to cook with.  If you enjoy the taste you can put the duff in anything you cook. Its already decarboxylated from the vaporizer and ready to go I think. Brownies, cookies, pie, stir fry, I think a member here has a whole section of recipes.....just cant remember where it is.


bon appetit ! 

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I put my vaped duff to good use.


I mix it in peanut butter, I spread it on a grahm cracker, I put a piece of chocolate on it and another half of grahm cracker, (its just like a smore but with peanut butter) than you wrap it in aluminum foil and heat it in the oven at 175 for like 20 minutes and eat away!


This will work for all that ailes you!


or if you have some one that is constantly mooching mj from your put it in a lil bag and give that to them, they wont ask for any more after the 1st time if they know what mj feels like lol!


But the treat actualy gets you buzzy and the works!


Try it you will like it!  :drinking-coffee:  :skydive:



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