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Good Apollo 13?

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where can I find a good Apollo 13? I have been following tricloud genetics for a while but am just now really wanting it, (I moved to florida temporarily I was collecting signatures and was very active down there as well.) I am just now getting around to trying to get them. anyone now where to get that real deal Apollo flavor!! also interested in anything related to super snowdawg. anyone see any clones anywhere? im in genesee county. Apollo has a very unique terpene profile and i'm sure very unique medical effects as a res. I have 2 patients specifically begging for the stuff they had from the dispensary. Apollo has kinda become a must have for me.

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I'm looking for Apollo13 as well as most any Brothers Grimm gear :-)

especially anything that has to do with the DT99 (Durban/Thai x C99) :-)

Motarebel has an Apollo13 F4 that I'm thinking about giving a shot...

anyone with any experience with his offering or any others?

any top shelf cuts available?


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How would you describe the smell? Tga subcool says its like rotting fruit meets baby poo would u say it's a pungent smell like that? To me that suggests some unique terpenes I would love to get.

meh, its good dont get me wrong, but dont be fooled by the graphic descriptions given by a smoke down panel.

if I told you it was skunky, spicy and fruity...it would be, or if the dispensary says  it was peach kush, it would be......its good, dont pass on her, she's a breeding wonder

and tga rocks at all they do.

(purple haze was a loser here, like many "purple" strains) nice looking, strong effects though....

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I'm a fan of the Apollo 13 :-)

I'm looking for a choice cut to use for seedmaking projects

seems the only bank that has them is motarebel

I would love to do the work myself but with limited numbers...

seems they are out of stock...

ok I would love to skip right to getting a proven cut from someone I trust

if there is anyone who can help me out please send me a private message

I have solid trades :-)


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