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Critical Kush

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I ran her for a few years, huge plant, topped early she'll give you 5-6 nice colas. I flowered her for roughly 10 weeks under a thousand water, at that point I had around 30-40% Amber trics, which was straight knock out smoke. I'd take her less than 10% to get what yer after, maybe 9 weeks depending on your set up

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I bounced it from my garden also, just wasn't what I was after, tho I'm a fan of anything with critical in it, that's where the big buds come from. I replaced her with critical sensi star, 9 weeks flower to 40% amber, gonna run her for a few. You should try vanilla kush, it really matches what you are after, it's an "after work, kick yer feet up & watch the news till bedtime kinda smoke.

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