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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Trashed, Records Found In Street


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A big mess at a Detroit medical marijuana dispensary -- as medical records are strewn all over the parking lot.

They were simply thrown away, not shredded. The records contained sensitive personal information.

Outside Riverside Meds, a Marijuana dispensary on Jefferson avenue, copies of personal information and documents can be found lying on the ground.

A neighbor, Otis, said he saw men digging in the dumpster early Wednesday morning looking for drugs.


"The blow heads and crack heads, they came by here," Otis said. "I'm in my window looking at everything, and they throw all of this stuff out, and start throwing out everything on the ground."

FOX 2 could not get an answer from the business owner, because the shop closed on Oct. 27, likely one of many medical marijuana shops that have to close under the new city ordinance. leaving everything from IDs to medical information not disposed properly.

"These documents weren't shredded whatsoever," said witness Kevin Shepard. "They were just thrown out in the dumpster, and people dumpster hunting. They should have shredded it. for the simple reason, anyone could use that information to forge documents."

People in the neighborhood decided to trash the documents again, and others say they're making sure their personal information isn't laying around.

"This is why now a days people don't like to give their personal information for situations like this if it gets in the wrong person's hands,"  Shepard.

FOX 2 took this matter to city hall to see what can be done about the former owner. A spokesperson says they cannot be fined but because they were technically disposed of, says they will look into it further.



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I read an article let me see if i can get a link



As a pursant of information systems master i immediatly saw the application that was being recorded and said....


That is a pretty bad system... has a lot of oppurtunities to get stolen from.. extremely basic in design and structure... web based structure with minimal security. No wonder it was easily accessible to a hacker... this can cause tons of problems...


Social securities need to changed...

Some law action suits will commence...


Businesses is definetly falling to probabale bankruptcy due to the nature of its clients information...


Going to be learning more about network... later in my degree... still on the basics of information systems... reading this pdf book for the class called...james o brien ...


management information systems... if anyonr else would like to read it found it on google.. free download 10th edition.. going to enjoy this world.

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Unfortunately we cannot entrust our personal information to be safeguarded by anyone. Just look at all of the data breaches , that we know of, in the last 5-6 years. I'd be willing to bet just about each and everyone of us has had our information "stolen" at some point by because of shiddy and/or outdated security measures. It costs a chunk of change for corporations to keep this information secure and that cuts into their bottom line, and they need to keep their stockholders happy! It has fallen on the individual to safe-guard their information through information protection companies and due diligence, it's simply the cost of doing business nowadays. Anyone surprised by this has got their head in the sand!

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The difference is that these records can be used by police to create a database

Gets police programmer... hey is it possible to get a system going for these files.. i would like them organized in the dame format... except can you include the locations into the police database ubder... lost records from location 069... -yes sir- ... right away..




Man.. should i be doing this, or just past it to someone else.. sigh man these are peoples livlihood.. i cant do this let me re-ask my sergeant.


Hey boss.. i cant do this ... im going to feel guilty later on if something happens.. is it possible to recieve another type of order sir.. i apologize for the misconduct and disorderly approach.. but this topic is getting pretty heavy now in the state of michigan...


Sergeant.. lets see what you can do... hold on let me ask my commanding officer if we can switch your task..


Ty sir...


Relevant to the story at hand.. you can feel the conundrum of the event that may unfold. It probably happens on a daily basis to many other states... as a health adminstrator in theory.. i believe there is an option when signing up that allows you to opt out of orgnazitions looking into your medical records.. unless otherwise.. this can be applied to such event...


Need to brush up more tho.. forgot a few ... itll just re pop up in my head one day...

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