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Royal Smoke ~ Hey Everybody! I'm Back for A Visit

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haven't been on this site in forever!  I mostly just use facebook now. I'd love to connect with anybody that would like to connect. My Facebook  Friend Me!  I also have a silly little website I'm working on if you want to drop by. It's Neal Aaron Studzinski      

I spent countless hours on this forum back in the day. I put up a ton of pictures. Look up my past.  Peace to all!

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Hey Guys!  I've been trying to get my head screwed on straight. I'm bi-polar so that bunny muffin scrumpin with me sometimes.  I just went to Austin Texas to study web development and after I finished school I started getting manic.  Got pulled over, cops gave me  DUI with nothing in my system, cause I was acting strange. Spend 16 days in the pokey and once I got out, I decided flower Texas!  So, I'm back in Michigan and I'm working on a trippy donkey book about my life called Hate/Smile.

Nice to hear from you guys!  Ya'll should friend me on Facebook.

Hate/Smile Book

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