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Wait Time to Receive Mich Med Marij Card

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I mailed my application paperwork and check to the State of Michigan on October 28, 2017, and my check was cashed by my bank on November 3, 2017.  The date stamped

on the back of my check by the State of Michigan is November 1, 2017.  How long will it be before I receive my official card allowing me to purchase products at a dispensary?

Is there a telephone number I may contact regarding the status of my application and delivery of my card.  Thank you. Date: November 13, 2017

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I have an appointment for my certification today, so everything I am about to say is based on research I have done rather than direct experience.

LARA's contact information is here, after 21 days from your check being cashed (~11/22) your temporary paperwork serves as your card. Many dispensaries will accept your paperwork at that point as long as you show your paperwork and a copy of the cancelled check. Some dispensaries will accept your paperwork before that, as well (though I get the impression - again, not based on direct experience - that some of these dispensaries may be slightly less reputable).

You can call dispensaries around you as well, though I hear that most are much more likely to accept your paperwork in person rather than saying that they will over the phone. House of Dank in Detroit and the Green Door in Ann Arbor are two that were recommended to me as accepting paperwork prior to 21 days, but I have not directly spoken with them.

Based on recent reports I've read, people are generally getting their card in exactly three weeks or less from time of mailing. I hope yours arrives soon or that you're able to find a dispensary that will accept your paperwork sooner than 11/22. If you haven't received your card a week from tomorrow then you can call LARA to make sure your application was approved and should have no problem getting into a dispensary with your paperwork.

Good luck! (Also, as I will be in the same boat you're in very soon, if you do find a dispensary that will accept your temporary paperwork + cancelled check prior to 21 days in SE MI, please let me know - as well as when you received your card ^_^)

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