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I had lower back surgery a few years ago and I get sick on pain pills so I went and got prescribed medical marijuana. I recently was pulled over and had medicine on my persons. I was afraid of getting illegal transport. I handed the medicine to the passenger and told him to put it in my luggage in the rear of the vehicle. He held onto it and was searched. Said person told the officer that I handed it to him to put in my luggage and he got nervous and held onto it. The officer gave me possession with intent to deliver without remuneration and in court I end up getting a possession of marijuana. The court said I was indigent and couldn't have a court appointed lawyer(all I could afford at the time) I only had enough to pay my fines. The judge gave me a year of probation with random testing for marijuana and substance abuse classes. I don't believe that this is right and is a violation of my civil rights. The prosecuter was trying to give me a plea of use of marijuana which entailed a fine and three month suspension of my license. Said judge didn't accept. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

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improper transport does not apply to patients anymore.

the case is people v latz.

so you have to go back and challenge your conviction under that moo poo law. you can sue the county/city for wrongful prosecution too.

get a lawwwwwwwwwwyer

and yeah, reversing the conviction will also kill that stupid probation.

as for probation with mmj, you have to fight for it. judge has a lot of power in that regard. but you can fight it. fight fight fight dont give up.

call michael komorn lawyer

30903 Northwestern Hwy, Suite 240
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

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