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If someone uses a copy of my caregiver cards for themselves, how do I protect myself?


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A friend of mine posted their cards on the outside of their garden's door without trying to watermark it or anything.  It was easy for other tenants to have taken a photo and post a copy up anywhere else.  Are there any steps this caregiver can take to protect themselves from a possible bust of a mystery garden with their cards posted?  Like many issues this seems to fall into a gray area being that these gardens don't need to be registered officially with a specific location.  

Apologies if this question has been asked, I did my best to scour the forum, thank you to anyone for your advice.

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The way you phrase and frame this scenario, makes it sound like you are an OAKLAND COUNTY police officer or prosecutor looking to mess with patients and caregivers.


I've never heard of this happening. There is no known case of this happening in Michigan.

This would never happen for this logical reason:

Lets say Jimbo posted Bob Dole's card on Jimbo's "mystery garden (MG)". The police find the MG, check the card, see that its valid, and leave it alone. The police also enter it into their database and stakeout the grow until someone shows up. Jimbo shows up and enters the grow. The police roll up and ask Jimbo who he is. Jimbo is Jimbo, not Bob Dole, so the police charge him with being in the wrong grow/possession of more plants than he is allowed. Jimbo goes to jail. Nothing happens to Bob, hopefully, maybe only a visit from the police asking what the connection is.


If you think someone stole (copied) and might be using your card, the solution would be to call LARA and explain to them that you need a new caregiver ID number (and a new card). That way your scenario would not work either, as the old caregiver ID number would be invalid.


Telephone Number: 517-284-6400
Email Address: LARA-BMMR-MMMPINFO@michigan.gov 


The best advice is to keep your cards secret, only you and your patients (plus any law enforcement that asks for it) should be able to see your card(s).

The other advice is to use a P.O. Box for your LARA registered address.This is not a gray area at all, you do not have to use your grow address for your LARA registration. This is done to protect caregivers and patients from a multitude of bad situations, including federal agents with supremacy law wanting a list of people and where their medical grows are.

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