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Roots refusing to recover

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I have a few clones that got a bit fried about 6 weeks ago before I got the room temp under control. They are in DWC setup and the air temp was in the 90s with water temp in the 80s for a week or two (6 weeks ago). The Hawaiian strains were loving it, but the cheesequake and strawberry ice clones either died or totally stopped progressing.  The ones that survived refuse to recover. They are still about 6” tall, all green leaves, lots of small nodes but basically are not growing at all. The roots are sparse, grayish looking, and remain fairly close to the plant/stem (not reaching and sprawling out). About 10 days ago I started treating them with Hydrogaurd (1ml/gal). They have received 2 treatments, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. They get fed with basic 3 GH nutrients, nothing else. Clones next to them, which were started 2 weeks later are 2 feet tall. All treated the same, sitting side by side. 

Can these be saved?  I only use the bare minimum with chemicals, so I don’t really don’t know much about what else I could treat them with. And, imho, there are so many additives, etc that promise the world and simply don’t do anything.  I wanna try and save them if I can, but I’m tired of waiting for them to come back. The roots haven’t even grown through the baskets yet so I could remove them from the hydroton if they need to be transplanted or whatever.

Please help. Thanks! 

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sorry i'm not versed in dwc. seems very complicated.

what are your ph levels? past and present?


did you take the small plants out and look at them? they may have already rotted, from the bottom up. takes a long time before the top dies. maybe able to save it , if the bottom is rotten, just cut and treat it as a new clone again?

best to wait for better advice!

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