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Vaping Cannabis Oil


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Vaping marijuana instead of smoking an equal dose increases short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, and distraction, a small study of infrequent users suggests.
But the study suggests that at least for first-timers or others who don’t use cannabis regularly, vaping delivers greater amounts of THC, which increases the likelihood of adverse reactions, say researchers.

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I don't like smoking, so I vape.

I use a pax2 or usually try to get claw cartridges.

Vaping dry with the pax is much more pleasant, for me.  For one, you get to taste the bud, but it is also longer lasting and way less anxiety/paranoia inducing for me.

The convenience of vape pens is hard to beat, though- no grinder, loading the pax, cleaning, and most of all- that they're virtually undetectable (no smell). 

Once you get the hang of how to load the pax it's awesome, though.  I've got a volcano, but it's too much hassle, for my taste.  I've not tried any handheld vaporizers newer than the pax2, though- there could be better ones yet.


But yeah, I agree vaping oil causes much anxiety for me.  So much so, that I've been on a 5 month vacation from bud due to the anxiety/depression I was developing from carts only (I was getting carts for cheaper than I could get bud- growing isn't an option for me).

They're quick and easy, but it seems they lack the calming chemicals in bud (again, just my experience).  Even the indica carts- they either made me paranoid af about life (even when not high) or put me to sleep. They also greatly increased how quickly my tolerance went up.  At first, a couple puffs would do the deed, then 10, then.....

In the future, I may supplement with oil, but dry vape will be my go to. Plus, the flavor from dry vape is untouchable!  You can't taste half the flavor, smoking it (ime ;) )

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Got it down now with the vape pens.

I use the ooze pens with the 1100 battery.

Refillable cartridge using my double filtered alcohol extracted cannabis oil.

The thing with the cartridge is to use one with a ceramic style burner and not the plain wire burner. 

Works great. I'm sure everything will change in the future. That's what works best right now. 

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16 minutes ago, Phil69 said:

Ooze makes some great stuff!!

I love their gusher dab atomizer!  They're 10 bucks and work a treat!  Never tried their refillable oil carts, but that sounds awesome!

Great stuff!

I found the best ceramic thick oil carts on Amazon. They aren't ooze brand. Had to try a few different ones before I found some that work good. 

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I am new to vaping. I was smoking for a period of time and now, I decided to move to vaping as some of my friends told me that it is less harmful than smoking. Anyway, I have never tried vaping cannabis oil. Usually, I choose the menthol or berry flavor. To be honest, I don't like to experiment with flavors and e-liquids, every time I buy the same products, from the same shop and I already got used to that. What I noticed is that the e-cigarettes are as addictive as the usual cigarettes.

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