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How long should i wait to flower after transplanting?

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When you see some vigorous new growth then you know that the plant has gotten past the stress of transplanting and could be ready to flower if the size of the plant is right for your situation. 

Experience with a strain and your grow op will dictate when to flower.  The first run you will have to guess. Take notes. 

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    • By Ren22
      Experienced caregiver with patient openings in Saline/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.  
      I have excellent sativa and hybrid strains, and my specialty is chocolate chip cookie edibles.  

    • By hero4u
      Can i use AZAMAX as a foliage spray during flowering?  I have read that you cant, and that you can?  Kind of scared to use it during flowering period.  If, i can use it during flowering, does it make the buds taste nasty?  nobody seems to have an answer?
    • By hero4u
      Hello.  Im a newbie. Have transplanted before with no problem, HOWEVER, this time the soil was way too dry and fell apart when transplanting a fire og and was flopping around.  BUT it seemed like it was STILL ATTACHED!  So, my questions is simple, will it survive?  thanks!  
    • By trix
      Man I sure am getting impatient.. I've been without for way to long, coming close to getting a couple vic's I'm hurting.

      Anywhooooooooo... I thought 55 days Id be good.. newp.. I thought 60 days I'd be good, newp.. when am I done??????

      I have been checking them everyday with a 60x scope, they all look mostly all cloudy, I think I still see some clears no Amber yet?

      I have never made it to this point, so I'm in virgin territory. Really could use some help I've invested alot of time and money into these and want the best quality possible. Since I see a majority of cloudy trichs, shall I start flushing them?

      I've just been running 6.5pH'd water no nuets last 3 watering s (every other day) but havent given them the full heavy flush due to the trichs.. which I really don't know much about, just going on what Ive been told. no first hand experience.

      Well its been 2 months veg and now 2 months flower.. long time coming to see the results, hopefully you all give truthful honest feedback.. they are so pretty in person and big man huge nugs on these girls.

      Here are some day 60 photo's again, I'm broke so I only have a 3 mg pixel cell phone camera to shoot pics with. enjoy

      6ft 72' Day 60

      Here is plant #4 this is the one I chopped all the foliage off on day 12 or so of flower, the nugs are looking as big as the ones 15 days ahead of her.

      Heres a group shot of the 4 plants together.

      Why use a lighter to show the width, these babies are as wide as the tape measure

      Well I sure hope I end up with some quality meds, I worked my butt off to get to this point.. I just switched the HPS red spec bulb, back to the MH blue spec.. for what I hope is the last week or so.  so is it time to flush, am I close by the looks of the plants, what kind of yield should I be looking at so I can figure out how to donate them to stay under weight?

      Thanks Trix

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