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Humidity problem 😫


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I am flowering my plants and I am having a humidity problem. I added a dehumidifier, charcoal, and damprid and I am still having humidity problems. I have been opening my grow tent constantly throughout the day to lower the humidity. Is it something else I can try to lower the humidity? I also have been removing fan leaves. My temperature with the tent close gets into the 80F and humidity in the 70% range. With the tent open I can get the humidity to about 55%, which is still to high. I have a inlet and exhaust fan, a co2 bag and two fans moving air. Any help will be appreciated

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18 hours ago, anarowe said:

Restorium2 I ordered a bigger dehumidifier, is it anything I can do until it is delivered? I realize the mistake I made with the dehumidifier, I purchased for the square foot it covers instead of how much moisture it takes our the air.

What I would do is get some of that flexible ducting and a fan to match and bring air from somewhere dry into the tent. They have the ducting like drier vent and fans at all the home improvement stores. 

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