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Not really sure what to say, I am 2 years out from a major motorcycle accident and am dealing with a TBI, cronic pain, and hyperacousis. just looking for some relief. I am in the process of getting my paperwork taken care of so I can "go legal". I have been self-medicating for a little while with really good results. I hope everything goes smoothly and I can get legal quick. I am so happy Michigan woke up and smelled the pot burning!!!!!

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" flyfish40 "to MMMA 2.0


Please check out some of the really Great Compassion Meetings ...

They are a Big Help in finding yourself a Local Support Group

and a Great place to get numbers from people just in case...


I also hope that you got several copies of everything you sent

to the MDCH ? Remember to Always Protect yourself at All times ...


If you need anything , Don't be affraid to Ask...

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Welcome to the board fly, i hope you enjoy your stay.

Hey TFB,

Girls in the closet scrog are beauts!!!! I am so pissed, I am an old dirt farmer who hasn't gotten their hands dirty or wet for over 15 years. When things became legal I started thinking about it. Probably just days from getting card now. Picked up T-5 flo's and 600 watt pendant with Red Hortilux bulb. Sprouted White Queens in grodan and the were looking very fine. Went into a shop and this kid that was in the place told me because I was doing things indoors that they were so different now. Smelled BS from him from the get go. He tells me PH needed to be at 5.0!!!! Being a Michigan boy from birth and living on a lake I never had to worry about PH because our rain and the lake I used to live on delivered optimum conditions 7.0 PH. In the spring I always put a big Carp or 5 or six bluegills about 4 foot in the hole so when root mass hit the fish during veg it just jammed. Not only were my girls sweet and fat but to this day they were the sweetest thing I ever tasted ( and I lived in southern Cali and Florida and had meds there too).

Anyway back to my point, junior in the shop told me 5.0 for indoors, despite my better judgement I followed his advice, big mistake!!! Sprouts started turning yellow and curling. He also told me to use full strenth nutes. So now I am adding only clean filtered (with fine micron) rain water with PH of 7.02. as a flush for a week.

When I got older and more serious and I made my own nutes, I did separate N, P, & K, Did 20:10:10, 20: 5:5, 5:20:5 and had some excellent results!

Now my sprouts are wounded, and so is my heart because I listened to someone who I thought had good info (should have listened to instinct, but hindsight is 20:20).

So, I am at the point of decision, do I put the effort into trying to bring these sprouts back by using my 7.02 rainwater or do I start fresh with new seed and T-5's then switch to halide from a 3 to 4 foot distance as they acclimate to the strength of halides?

My last two questions are: 1) Do you practice Buddhism(sorry if thats too personal a question, it's not meant to be offensive). 2) Are you willing to part with any clones from your last run from Big Mother? White Queen and White Widow are nice but what you have is more of the strain I am looking for. I just can't find seed or clones I really like. Closest I've seen to your full grown girls in your photo shoot are some Forbidden Fruits starting to get sugar coated but thats still not what I am interested in. Please give me your comments and let me know about clones bro. Thanks in advance for your time. Look forward to hearing back from you. Not a LEO and can prove it.


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