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No More Medical Marijuana Ads On Facebook

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No more medical marijuana ads on Facebook




It’s not clear what Facebook was smoking, but the world’s largest social networking site has snubbed out an effort by pro-marijuana advocates to run ads on the site which promote the legalization of marijuana.

That’s according to the Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim. The issue is particularly relevant to medical marijuana supporters. Three of the four ballot initiatives the organization “Just Say Now,” hopes to influence, increase access to the drug for medical purposes.

The three states going to the ballot box are Arizona, Oregon and South Dakota. The group also supports a ballot imitative in California that seeks to legalize marijuana outright. Medical marijuana is already legal there.

Studies show that people with HIV, spinal cord injury, and other pain-related disorders can benefit from smoking pot, according to WebMD.


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I think I heard about that FB game. All I know about FB is they're terrible on protecting privacy and I'll never go there. They deserve to be shut down. Someone I knew who played a couple of games there told me how messed up the site is and how long it took for the games to load. It's sad, he reconnected with a lot of old friends because of those games, and had a lot of fun. I think he's the one who told me about the pot game, though I don't think he ever played it. I hope a LOT of people complain about the no Mj ad policy. There are a lot of other sites that will be open to allowing them.


PANTS DOWN TO FACEBOOK!:jipo: dang thingy won't show up.



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I got an answer from Facebook via email.




We don't deny ads for any political cause. We've evaluated the matter, and determined that submitted ads with the marijuana leaf image place an unnecessary emphasis on marijuana use, which is not the message we want to send. Just as we don't allow any ads that advocate or facilitate the use of tobacco products, we exercise the same caution in evaluating marijuana ads. We will allow ads supporting marijuana legalization, provided they are tastefully positioned.


Thanks for contacting Facebook,



Online Sales Operations Policy


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The internet Giant FACEBOOK was and is forced to comply with the 1994 Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act... meaning that any criminal activity (Federal or otherwise) must be logged and reported to the authorities. I don't condone these laws or actions the internets takes but they (internet companies) don't have a choice in the matter. Phone companies, websites, news sources (including the Mods running the comments sections), Ham and CB radio... the list goes on and on.


Not only is there this law but The Patriot Act too...


Children are instructed to make notes, take pictures and phone in "suspicious" crime or unknown people to local authorities. Snapscouts.org


George Orwell was on to something, 1984?


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