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Is It A Civil Rights Issue?

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The California chapter of the NAACP seems to think so. They are supporting Prop 19 that would legalize marijuana if voted into law by the people of California.


There is a great deal of statistical evidence that says 'minorities' are arrested for marijuana possession at a much higher rate than non-minorities.


And it looks like the NAACP is putting their money where their mouth is.



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Yes it is a civil rights issue.


I'm glad to hear about the NAACP stepping up.



Definitely so!


I've already sent what I could afford to help with Prop 19 in hopes that if it 'passes' in Cal it MIGHT just make it here to us.


When we help them... we are helping OURSELVES!

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It's great they are backing the Proposal out there, I just hate seeing it broken down into a racial card play.


Any arrests for this miraculous plant, is a shame... at worst it should be a slap on the wrist. I can think of far more dangerous plants that have no criminal laws associated with them...


Any regulation of behavior that doesn't have an impact on others, is against the constitution in my eyes. Prohibitions, on self medicating with any chosen natural medications are an infringement on our God given rights. Turning something completely natural into an illegal activity is doesn't make any sense, and it is obvious that those still fighting the war on drugs, haven't learned a darn thing from history. The prohibitionists are responsible for more deaths and violence than anybody in this country using marijuana will ever be.


Hmmm, maybe they will try to outlaw sex for anything but procreation again... as STDs have far more impact on another person than a person vaporizing some marijuana.

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There's been a war on natural care for many decades. I may disagree on the type of meds someone uses, but would never deny them their right of choice, yet our right to use MM is being challenged. A person's medicine is a personal matter.


This is definitely a civil right.



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I'm so tired.





Medicate... meditate... and take a break.


Nothing is permanent... and ALL things pass.


You have to FLUSH those emotions clean from time to time.


Especially if you're one of those people in the habit of holding onto the 'negative' for too long.


Breath deep and slowly.... relax.


Enough of my cliches.... 'chill, Baby!

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id just like to know where they think they get jurisdiction. A judge would look worse than a fool if he stood on the bench and told me i couldn't take zoloft. leo doesn't in anyway try to control my use of pills.... if the doctor said so its none of their business. Can you imagine the cops kicking in your door to count you blood pressure meds? Even better yet, imagine them arresting you because you had one too many pills. I understand leo, the pa and the judge dont understand mm but they don't have to. It shouldn't be in their hands. Im so tired of being a 2nd class sick person because i choose medicine that wont kill me, because i dont want to be addicted to their synthetic poisons. Is there any other meds put there the cops will want to count/ why is it no cop would say a word about my pills being on the end table... but if that bottle had a bud instead of pills (that kill) cps would be called and id be labeled a bad dad

This bunny muffin has got to end.... to be honest i felt safer when i sold pot to keep myself in meds... now it really feels like they are out to get me.

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