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Planet Greentrees Radio Tonight 8:00 - 930

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NEW CALL IN NUMBER:  (347) 326-9626


Please join us tonight for a very Special Episode of Planet GreenTrees.


It is our intent to provide a safe comfortable environment for the medical marihuana community to discuss the on going complex issues that are influencing our community.


Tonight in the studio we will have Special Guests

Will and Michelle from the MOCC

Jamie Lowell from Third Coast Compassion Center


Also we have the usual panel of community entertainment.


Chad and Tony form the Birmingham Compassion Club


Marihuana Rancher



I don't know if any one read the Oakland Press from this past week, but I feel more than compelled to talk about that a little bit.

We encourage the community to call in to the show, or post comments or questions on this MMMA forum.


Please join us tonight for an intelligent conversation of everything that is Medical Marihuana




Michael A.  Komorn

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Email: michael@komornlaw.com 

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Check out our Radio show:


NEW CALL IN NUMBER:  (347) 326-9626

Live Every Wednesday 8-9:30 p.m.


 w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD. 


If you have a medical marihuana question or comment, please email them to me, or leave them on the forum for the MMMA, and I will try to answer them live on the air.



PLANET GREENTREES Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626

Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626


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I have been talking with people who are working with clinics and asking these questions, if they'll stand behind their patients. My other concern is, even if the patient hasn't seen a dr very often, that pt can still prove their condition is real. If I don't see my dr for a year but I have a qualifying condition, I can still prove I DO have that condition. What if I change drs but there is still a paper trail proving my condition exists? I think this is as important, I think this is as important as how often a pt sees the dr. If the number of visits is not clearly defined ,this is what's causing a problem, that's also why I brought up that info I read. Any thoughts on that?



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I listened in tonight, first time, and found it engaging and educational. To bad there were tech glitches, likely at my end, made it a bit hard to understand at times, but all in all an enjoyable show. Thanks to all involved. I hope to be able to get down and do one. Unfortunately my health hasn't been all that good as of late, I have had an upper respiratory problem for some time and no one wants to hear me cough and hack through a show. I went from upper resp. problems and segue'd right into allergy season. uck! Soon as it freezes outside, I may be able to do this...Peace...j.b.

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