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Unity Rally Tomorrow

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Wise Advice Silverblue ,,,

There are probably quite a few in search of affordable meds - me included - until the first crop comes in.


When I see people talking about trying to "hook up" at this meeting that is just nucking futs and you put a big bulls-eye on you and the rest of us in the community who were thinking of going to this.


Thanks, but no thanks.


Someone needs to tell mayorherb to drink some Focus Factor...lol


Just my opinion - just not the smartest thing to put on this thread.



Over and out,



Mizerman :goodjob:


p.s. ya'll stay safe tomorrow

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I was on the videoconference site hoping the people from the meeting would hook into it, but it never happened. I'm really bummed, it's the only way I can get to these events. :(



Yeah nice turn out in the video conferance room full of hopefull people.... we really need to look into virtual meetings for the future!

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