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Am I Approved?

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hi, I had my med. records faxed to the michigan marijuana certification center, they called me yesterday and said I am approved and I have an appt. coming up. does this mean that I will be approved for use or just approved for an appointment with a physician??




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approved for an appointment with a physician.They normally wouldnt approve you for an appointment unless they feel they would be able to sign your recomendation. And alot of clinics nowadays wont charge your fee unless certification was signed.. you may want to discuss this with them in advance of paying..

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As soon as the doctor signs the Physician Certification, you are legal to use.

20 days after MDCH receives your papers is when you're legal to possess, as long as they didn't send you a rejection.

If you've signed up with a caregiver (recommended) you can get Meds from him 21 days after MDCH receives them.


They will send back the Return Receipt stamped or signed, indicating they have received it.

This return receipt, and with copy's of your papers, will serve as a "temporary card" until you've received your actual card.

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Welcome " onion " to MMMA 2.0


Hopefully you got 3 - copies of everything you sent to MDCH

and sent it out Certified mail ?


Because it's going to take 4 months to get your actual card ...

till that time your paperwork will become your card ,

other then most LEO won't honor that ...


333.26429 (b) "If the department fails to issue a valid registry identification card in response to a valid application or renewal submitted pursuant to this act within 20 days of its submission, the registry identification card shall be deemed granted, and a copy of the registry identification application or renewal shall be deemed a valid registry identification card."

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