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Does Certo (Fruit Pectin) Really Work?

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Ok I have use cert-o many times and it worked everytime, I had one bad exprience but I still passed. I just mixed it with a liter of water. Drink a liter of water first then tinkle, put your certo in, drink that liter, tinkle, drink another liter and go take your test. I know it seems like a lot but I never had to pay 40 bucks to buy the stuff from the store.....

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agree with herb nurse two pairs underwear long legged tight type regular pair over small bottle with thermometer chemical hand warmer inside ,empty pockets put things in lock box go in room tinkle all over seat give good sample walk away feeling good knowing your going to pass let them clean up tinkle just to show what you think of there test unless watched then you must use new sex toy wizzinator



omg hilarious! ^^^forgot to tell you whose pee to bring!


Sorry capt, I have heard of jello working, never tried, always used the quick clense as metioned above, make sure you follow the directions, and you only got so much time, the more you tinkle the better off you will be, and drink way more water,


When i had to unrine test and had a lil time, i get the 7 day cleanser, works awsome 38 bucks, and I drink alot of green tea, they have a 3 day one that works if you dont have alot of fat tissue,(nice way of saying if your not fat lol)

Good Luck Bro!





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post-7923-094274200 1287725689_thumb.jpgpost-7923-094274200 1287725689_thumb.jpg It boils down to what you are wanting to do, some detox that costs $60 and has some money back deal or the $3 liquid fruit pectin Certo that is based on your body weight and when you take it...


I have always used the Certo and have passed successfully every time, took it about 3-4 hours before the drop and made a first "Watering" to see if there is any remaining color coming out. After that first tinkle it was in the "Clear" til around dinner time (6-7 hours later).


I have never used those detox things and I have met one person that used one and failed his pre-employment screening (he no work for dolla general). He was taking this detox for a week before the test, he was skinny, I blazed one with him after the failure for zhits n giggles.


Rules for Certo:

1..... depending on your weight, either one or two of the foil pouches must be ingested directly (i took two cause I b chunky).

2..... guzzle water or OJ to clean your mouth of the nasty aftertaste, I drank around a gallon of H2O throughout the few hours before the test.

3..... make a first watering so expel the remaining salts n nasties, after that you are in the clear.

4..... Pass or Fail come back here n fill us in with how things went, it are scientific.


I don't use illegal things (heroine, meth, crack are BAD), I use tobacco alcohol mushrooms cannabis. So if you might take them bad ones I cannot say you will pass your test.

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THC Test Basics:


Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the main psychoactive substance found in the Cannabis plant (Marijuana).THC urine test is now usually used for random job tests. This is the least expensive of the test methods.


Labs take the specimen and either mix it with chemicals or dip a chemical colored test strip into it; or in some cases they examine it more closely in lab testing devices, depending on the type of substance they are looking for.


50 nanograms of THC metabolites per milliliter defines a "presumptive positive" by NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) certified labs. So, to pass the test, you don't need to have absolutely clean urine - you need to have less than 50 ng/ml of THC in your urine.


How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System :


Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, nobody can say how long EXACTLY does thc stay in your body. The half life of THC concentration ranges between about 1 to 10 days.


This means that, for example, if THC half life in your body is 5 days and after you smoke you have about 100 ng/ml of THC in your urine, 5 days later you will have about 50 ng/ml or less and will be able to pass the test.


But there is too much human variations to even approximate how long THC will be detected in the urine of an individual. It depends on a lot of factors, such as human age, weight, metabolism, amount and potency of marijuana, etc. Infrequent users with a fast metabolism will have the shortest detection time. Frequent or chronic users with a slow metabolism will have long detection times.


If you use marijuana on rare occasions, your urine may be clean of metabolites in less than a week.


There is a common and strange phenomena that occurs with chronic users. You would expect a chronic user to have the longest detection time and the smallest chance of passing. This is not always the case. A chronic user with a high tolerance will eliminate drugs quicker than an occasional user. Chronic users have tested negative after a week long binge. Lipid tissue also makes a huge difference.


As THC stores in fat cells, skinny users not only have a faster metabolism (usually), but also lack storage for THC metabolites, so pass test more successfully.


The best thing you can do for yourself is buy home drug test and test yourself after you've stopped smoking pot.


Test every day until your first urine of the day tests clean. That is how long it takes personally YOU to clean out after your normal smoking habits. Even that will vary depending on your level of usage prior to abstaining and level of activity while testing yourself. Do not rely on your best friend's experience! Every organism is different.


Passing Solution :


First of all:


If you are currently using marijuana and know you have a test coming up, stop using immediately. The longer you abstain, the better your chances of passing a test will be.


One of the original methods of avoiding detection is to buy synthetic urine and substitute your urine with synthetic one. This works very well if you're not supervised. Another problem is that labs know what the temperature of a fresh urine sample should be and they also know that a sample should have blood particles in it of the blood type of the person being tested; so it is riskier to try and evade the urinalysis test by using a urine substitution. But if you don't have enough time for other way, this method is the only.


The other way is to clean your body from toxins and to pass the test in natural way.


First of all, cleanse your system - the way this is done is to drink a very lot of fluids and urinate as frequently as you can. This will dilute the concentration of THC metabolyte in your urine. Start washing yourself out days before the test, that is preferable, although it is much more important to do it hours before the test.


Exercise. As we know, THC stores in fat cells - exercises are burning fat and THC byproducts are released into the blood and urine that goes out while you cleansing your system. But it is important to stop burning fat cells near test time (up to 48 hours before your drug test). On test day, it doesn't matter what's in your lipid tissue. What's in your blood and urine does matter.


Eating foods rich in protein like red meat will slightly increase creatinine levels. Creatinine is a substance in urine, it level drops below normal when people dilute their urine. Labs test creatinine levels to ensure that the sample is valid and the subject didn't drink unusual amounts of water.


There is testing industry data that aspirin interferes with the chemicals in the test, so taking 4 aspirins a few hours prior to the test might help you.


If a urine sample looks clear, the lab will suspect that it's watered down. They can't report it as positive, but they may reject the sample and inform your employer that you tried to beat the test. To avoid this, color your sample yellow by taking vitamin B.

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Update on my test


It may be weeks before I know the results.


I drank 64 ounces of water and then 64 ounces of Gator Aid mixed with one box of Certo pectin. Also had 1000mg of asprin and 2 multi vitamins with another 64 ounces of water. On my way to the test I drank 8 ounces cranberry juice and another 8 ounces of water.


My fingers are crossed and I hope the results are in my favor so I don't have to use my trump (MM Card) card and roll the dice.


I'll update when I know the results.



BTW the Gator Aid mix with a full box of Certo tasted very good. After I finished the last 64 ounces of water I started getting hot flashes and started to sweat a little. Had to go outside and cool off and get my act together. Felt better after about 5 minutes in the cool fall weather and left for my test about an half hour later.


Pretty sad we have to go thru this BS to take a safer and better medication.



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do a google search for n2pots dilution guide.. use creatine for three to four days before and use pedialyte electrolyte to keep the specific gravity of your urine up instead of h20 or a sports drink when testing they test the integrity of your sample and these tips ensure success

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was this a random test, regularly scheduled, due to an accident, or what?


just curious. if just a random test, they suspect nothing, i don't know that they would go through the whole process to make sure every little metabolite is in there, if it smells and tastes right, etc. i'm not an expert in drug testing, so i don't know. just thinking.


guess it's too late to wish good luck, but here's hoping it worked! :)



In speaking with a lab person who has done these tests, just your average test is just going to go through a screen, which will detect down to 50 ng, which according to this person, is tiny, tiny, tiny. they'll make sure your sg is right, which dilution will affect. even with dilution, you'll have to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dilute it, and your creatinine and all the other junk is going to be out of whack.


their suggestion is to buy synthetic. it's powdered, humanized and she has personal knowledge of a friend who uses them quite regularly for his job. works every time. just mixes it before he goes, tucks it under his sack, and off he goes.


people here tell people all the time, "buy synthetic," "get some from a clean friend," but the person always again asks, "what if I....."


if you have to pay 60 bucks for some syn, do it. what is going to cost you more, the 60 bucks, or a weekly paycheck being gone? i'm not a gambling man


in speaking with this lab friend of mine, i would only do synthetic. easiest, sure-fire way.

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