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Funniest Thing I Have Ever Watched! Lmao

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AHAHAH, he looked possessed (btw that word Isn't easy to spell w/o spell check) There is a true passion for that game, glad I never played just watch my lil bro get older and gain more weight!!!!


lol here his dad say SHUT UP in the back ground and bam done, and did he shove a remote in his butt?? wtf

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I KNEW ITTTTTT!!!!!!! took me a while but when i saw him pound like king kong, then shove a remote in his arse then go in and outta the closet.. I was suspect.


ty for the post of he got his account back, he deserved a good thing in his life I'm happy for him =]


Tosh.o, owns btw, for all that don't know comedy central best show on TV hands down.



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My first thought was Francis needs to get off the computer and go take a walk.


I don't play games either. The are as addictive as tobacco. I would get nothing done if I got caught in that trap.


I'm so with you on that. My brother was always the video game junkie in the house, starting back with Intelevision.


I enjoy games, but I've got to stay away from them. I got caught up in Finally Fantasy back around 2000. My gf would call me to bed, if ya know what I mean, and I would be more concerned about getting to the next level. That was when I knew it was time to put the games down! :D



Recently my brother dropped off an extra x-box with a bunch of games that he wasn't using and it sits on top of my T.V. right now. I won't touch it though..... :lol:

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