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Thc Test Kits?


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i think those are about as good as you are going to get as far as home test kits go....... they seem to be out of stock quite often on that site over the past few months so they are obviously selling a few kits. (thanks for posting this and letting me know they are back in stock)


i have used a kit from this company before, and it gave me the results i expected, but i did not take those meds to a "professional" to have a comparison number.

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theres only one lab you can actually send your meds to and have them "scientifically" tested... however they dont release the actual ratings they basically tell you wether or not the buds are clear of chemicals and impurities and such they have restictions on what they can release. i believe the company is based in cali but from what i have been told a large amount of "dispenseries" use this one testing facility to chow their clients the purity/quality of grow. obviously not everyone uses it.


but to your post... i would be hesitant on that..... strains are strains and if your grows are done properly the quality will be there...

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Spend your money in Michigan if you're going to have your medicine tested. Not an endorsement just an example that we have local small businesses that need our support.






Canna Labs

Southfield, Michigan

24480 West 10 Mile Road

Southfield, MI 48033


Tel: 855-CannaLab

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