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Readership: How Many Hits Per Day.......

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Oh, it's just a lot of leo's trying to get in our heads...lol KIDDING!!!!


Seriously though, most of us that have gotten or considered getting "our cards" did not do this on a whim. I came here to find out if I could roll around with a Dr.'s rec and not give the money to the state and have a AD should the worst case become reality. Here I can get real info from people who have been charged with similar things.


But then you start digging around................and reading. Being a mmp you're living in the wild west. I'm doing my best to comply with all aspects of the law. I just bought a secure location that ALL medication can be kept under lock and safe from non card holders, they can't have access to medication. How'd you like to come home and find out you're in trouble for some freaking roaches that your roommate had access to.


Watch out there are a lot of ways that being a mmp makes you a target and unsafe if you don't watch yourself.


This place is addicting as hell. I'm not addicted to the medz, I'm addicted to site.

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Speak with pride my friends , show the truth and honor in your words and encourage the readers to feel our dignity ,passion and our depression all in one . I have sensed that our words have stung some of the oposition and there only getting pissst off now . Its obvious with the actions we see and read about everyday .


Lets get this web tight and use it to finally trap these roaches and keep them where they belong .


Whats the news on the MMMA TV BB ? This is a weapon that we need asap ..OD


Hi OD !!!!


I love that word "roaches" !!!


And it is so fitting !!!


We are pioneers here, and there ain't nobody who is going to stop us from achieving our goals...roach or no roach !


Dr. Jinx

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Hi Dr. Bob, I am amazed at the strength of this site. A positive message about our community is being sent out to the world. More and More people are visiting and joining our family everyday. Thanks, joe



I know i send alot of people here when they asked bout info..and to Chat........I am sure alot of you out there do...Plus i post alot on my facebook, which i encourage others to do...glad to hear the good news.

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Here ya go! This is a 26 hour run. Our stats are unbelievable. One stat that stands out is number of page reads. This is huge! People don't just stumble on our site and bounce out. They read what you write. Thanks, Bb





Total Hits 1,044,607

Average Hits per Visitor 114.34

Cached Requests 172,144

Page Views

Total Page Views 509,967

Average Page Views per Visitor 55.82


Total Visitors 9,136






you did it..


your finially a millionaire....



if i had a nickel for every time....:rolleyes:



i am proud to be a part of this community.


a million hits...


thats amazing....


GREAT WORK everyone!:goodjob:

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Man, that is very impressive numbers. I guess I better learn how to talk cooler if that many folks are watching and listening to us.





u truly are a asset to our community....


irwen m fletcher....


probably......well arguably my favorite chevy chase movie...


i use lines from that movie daily....still



just today i was paying my insurance at state farm...and i said....ooohhh cash i'm impressed...saw my pimp today....the poor girl looked at me like i was fookin nuts LOL


maybe i am...



thanks for all you do bish...


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People all over the world are tired of the artificial restrictions that are placed on their lives.


I believe that is a 'major' underlying reason for the numbers of people that 'hit' this site.


More and more people are seeking 'reason' and 'reality' in their lives instead of the 'restrictions' that politicians and those in control place upon them.


What happens in other states here in America as well as what happens in other parts of the world 'does' effect us all, whether we choose to see that and accept it or not.


The world is changing, and I firmly believe that our 'MMJ community' and the people that seek out this 'site' are among those that will and are helping to bring about this change.


And just as the 'voters' did it here in Michigan, it can be done 'with' or 'without' the help of our 'politicians'.

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