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Cosmic Dawg

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Starting to harvest the Cosmic Dawg this week.


Cosmic Dawg is Stardawg IX x Aliendog and is a 8-9 week strain.


I must say I'm impressed. Very tasty and potent meds.


testing these for another breeder on another site.


Out of 10 beans I dropped 5 and got 3 females. Still have 5 beans left and took babies as well.


This was the first one and the smallest one and yielded a qp.


Small but rock hard dense nugs.


The taste reminds me of something between hindu kush and G13 with a twist. Fukkin' yummy.


Also...may have some available to carded patients in the Livingston county area. Please inquire.








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Guest MosCutty

Thanks brother, I'm medicating as we speak. I REALLY like the flavor/effect this one has.


Wasn't expecting a keeper but I think I got one in this. :thumbsu:


I love it when that happens, I've found a few pheno's that way. :thumbsu:




Bish, your killing me. :lol:




Just too much when enjoying after work medz. :lol:

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