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Any Info On This Strain?

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The Swedish chef made medibles out of it and it also goes a long way to explain Miss Piggys violent behavior when insulted!

Unfortunately Miss Piggy had a Meth problem, which was the main reason for her less than lady like behavior.

Animal's uncanny ability to keep perfect time on that drum set of his was an effect of the medibles Ole Cheffy made.

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While visiting Lansing I stopped at a place that had a sign by the road advertising Marijuana Services. It was next to a rock bar. Stopped in and they had a clone that was(don't remember) x Fraggle Rock. Funny the Fraggle Rock I remember, but not the cross' name.







well im still having a problem finding any info on her, here is a pic of how she looks in the 2nd week of flower, so i if anyone can help point me in the right direction on locating any info i sure appreciate it.


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I found a little info on Fraggle rock.

Please don't hold me 2 it

Difficulty: Ea

Side affects couchlock,Cotton Mouth

Flowing Time: 7-8 weeks

Also just obtained a Clone.

I grew it out..it is a danny trevino strain..got my clone at hydro world jackson...your info's on the money it is a true 8 weeker,80/20 indica semi good yield, and definetly couch lock if you let very little amber trichs hit it (10%)..and it is definetly p.m. meds....peace out plc

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