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Amicus Brief Filed


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Just as I suspected. Protections are built into the law and persecuters are overstepping their bounds in an attempt to thwart the law. Please, can someone punish these people for what they are doing to Michigan citizens? They must be smart enough to be able to read and understand the law as it is written, so the prosecutions that they have undertaken are clearly meant to demean, demoralize, and harass people. And this is legal???

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The content of the brief is in pdf format on the link above


any comments?



thank you roadworkahead for posting this link.

i understand fiduciary responsibility and agency relationships with my background in real estate and i think this truly is a well written brief.


they have traction with this filing. and hopefully that orginization will do well with this endeavor.



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Wow some really good stuff in there, and some stuff I personally don't agree with. For instance, they state the patient and the patient alone can terminate a CG PT relationship. As I understand it, and CG can terminate as well, given notice.


Also, they clearly state that the plants are owned by the patient. The issue I have with that is that ownership is never addressed in the law. I think ownership was left out on purpose, and it should be between the CG and PT to decide in their private agreement.


Some of the good things that they do is logically show P2P, CG2P, CG2CG, and P2CG are all legal transfers, and that sale of MJ is not itself illegal.



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