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We Need A New Fourm Called:

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we were having pizza delivered a moment ago and as my girl was reciving/paying, I said, in my loud voice, " Hey, this whole house smells like FN weed and it's laying EVERYWHERE, could you close the door some more?






at least it was Napoli's, King...lol

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(Shaking head in disbelief). I hoped people would be more careful about this, although we're legal and shouldn't have to hide like criminals. That's why I went to Lansing. Wow. Well let's hope nothing bad comes of it. Live and learn, use some common sense, for our image, for our community. So, in other words, OOPS. I'm not trying to rub it in, you feel bad enough.


Sb :(


EDIT: Hey Bri if you think that's bad, I could tell you a few stories, I've had some real close calls many years ago, was lucky not to get busted.

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As a pizza delivery guy i saw all kinds of illegal things and also got invited in a few times too lol but as long as you tipped the guy knowing you I'm sure hes very happy and cant wait for the next delivery . :rock:



Exacty ....


A $10 - $20 tip will give you

faster delievery next time ...

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When I lived on the west side of the state last year I was in my apartment medicating and the pizza guy came, I only had 5 grams so I wasn't too worried about it but he instantly flashed his card, showed me his meds in his pocket and came on in and took a seat, when I needed meds in GR I called to get me a pizza and the same guy would show up with whatever I needed, and my food! As long as theyre legal, theyre patients too.

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