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Michigan Joins Local Effort To Close Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Michigan Joins Local Effort ToClose Medical Marijuana Dispensary


State's attorney general steps up campaign against marijuana law




Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette's campaign to strictly enforce his state's medical marijuana law is picking up momentum. A judge in Midland, Mich., has granted his request to join an effort by Midland County Prosecutor Michael Carpenter to close the Twinn Bridges Compassion Club marijuana dispensary in the city.


Carpenter filed an ex parte petition to have the dispensary declared a public nuisance and closed on the grounds that Midland County Circuit Court Judge Jonathan E. Lauderbach recently declared the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act unconstitutional, and because the act does not authorize dispensaries.


"Michigan voters didn't count on pot shops springing up across from their schools and churches,"said Schuette. "That's why I'm joining Prosecutor Carpenter to support his efforts to close an illegal marijuana dispensary."


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Michael Komorn




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I keep hearing about how big the industry is getting , how “pot shops aren’t what the voters intended”, I rarely hear what the harm of all that actually is. Oh, right, some healthy people might be smoking pot under the guise of medical use. Healthy people who go to the trouble of collecting medical records, visiting a marijuana clinic, and paying for a doctor’s visit to get a recommendation, creating jobs for doctors and clerks. Healthy people who are no longer hiding from the law but trying to follow it by paying the state for a registry card and telling the state where they live and smoke pot. Healthy people who are no longer buying weed from a kid in a parking lot but instead in a regulated adults-only establishment that checks IDs, creating more jobs and economic benefits. The other line I hear is that “criminals” are hiding under the medical laws to expand their non-medical distribution and that even the legit medical distributors are supplied sometimes by illegitimate sources.


Even a prescription drug like Viagra, which is certainly used for non-medical recreational purposes, doesn’t cause much of a criminal issue because just about anyone who wants a Viagra prescription can get one. (It’s not like the doctors are making you prove you can’t get it up by having a naughty nurse sashay on by… except in certain videos filmed in the San Fernando Valley.)



Forty years of drug war and one hundred years of prohibition of cannabis have not worked and they never will. The only question is whether the market is legit or underground. The AG and other opponents know that a functioning example of medical marijuana distribution will only lead the public to ask why this couldn’t work better for marijuana for all its consumers than the futile attempts to lock up all its sellers, eradicate every hemp plant, and trying to evaluate just who is suffering enough not to put in a cage for pot.

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this is No surprise to me.


Midland is Shoes HomeTown. as well as that of Dave Camps.

After Judge Lauderbach's (think that was he) ruleing (how can a judge of a CITY in a state, not adhere to State Law First and Foremost, he is a Judge in the State of Michigan afterall), I Knew it was only a matter of time before this come to pass.


now i for one, do not support Many of the big money type disp that are out there. not been, but from my understanding, Twin Bridges is a money game. so it wouldnt hurt my feelings to see him go out of business. But the old fashioned way, by being run out of business by a better, more competant business. If the city/ag win this case, which knowing midlands abilty to look the other way to get their agenda done (dow), this is NOT how these money only dispensorys need to be run out.



im paying attention, this too will be a BIG CASE. TBs FIRST and smartest move is to get the case heard outside of Midland County. say Bay County, or perhaps Genesee.

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The voters never intended for "pot shops" to pop up? They insult the voters intelligence every time they use this lame excuse to change a law that over 60% of this state approved. I think the politicians are the first ones to forget (although not the only ones) how this law was about the patient. Providing access to safe meds and protecting them from prosecution for the "medical use" of marijuana.


Quit insulting our intelligence as voters and Stop Terrorizing Our Patients. We are tired of living in fear of our federal, state, and local authorities. It is just simply wrong and probably illegal the way we are being treated and jailed. The medicinal benefits of cannabis are without question a direct threat to a few umpteen billion $$ industries that very simply own our government in ways we will probably never understand completely.




Stop Terrorizing Our Patients


Definition of TERRORIZE

transitive verb


: to fill with terror or anxiety : scare


: to coerce by threat or violence

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"Michigan voters didn't count on pot shops springing up across from their schools and churches,"said Schuette.


Oh f you Schuette, you're the one that said we'd have pot shops everywhere if the law passed. And it passed. Planet Give A Sh1t, population YOU! NO ONE CARES! Move to North Korea if you like tyranny so much you &^#@&$@#!!! :growl: :growl: :growl:

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Wyoming city counsel said the opposite the ones that admitted voting for the law said that they assumed when voting for the there would be dispensaries to regulate the meds. They said they were opposed to home growing. I saw the influence of the mayor who should have excused himself from the vote seeing he owns a pharmacy and may still own a liquor store. He said it needs to be run through a pharmacy like any other med funny sounds to me like if he got a kick back from the sale he would be all for it! I also have yet to hear about bad things happening at dispensaries I just hear how bad they are. Now I bet if there was no signage that the dispensary was there most everyone would even know they were there. just another under handed Attorney General B.S. trick!

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