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Have You Broken The Law ?

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Well that will sure speed things up in our processing at our nearest fusion center. Very good one Dr. T!!!

Bad thing is, some folks would think this is a good idea!

If we are going to continue to enforce various types of prohibition, the only logical end would be a total prison state to ensure that people OBEY whatever law or decree, constitutional or not ,moral or ethical or not. That is the only goal of our police, judges, many lawyers, all major media outlets, our two main political parties, many major corporations, and the entire military/industrial/corporate complex. If they don't get total compliance with their will and choices for your life, they feel compelled to increase their control and police activities, even though now it is so clear that they are only interested in furthering their agenda and not protecting the citizenry, people will vote for republicans and democrats this fall and continue the cycle and wonder what happened. A total and complete police state is the only logical end for someone bent on controlling others (who have harmed no others) to conform to their will and beliefs, even at the cost of killing individual humans or at least taking all their worldly possessions and making their lives a living hell on earth. And they think this is perfectly acceptable in their world, killing some individuals for the good of the group (in their twisted, evil, small minds), or heck, why not kill a lot, since they can get away with a few here and there, why not step it up a notch? Seems like they are...

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