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Medical Card Situation With My Dad

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Hi, I have had numerous low back problems over the past 2 years. I'm currently taking vicodin for pain and doing physical therapy. I would like to get my medical card (to cut down on addiction potential among other things) and have basically been approved.


Problem is I'm living with my dad, who works for the Michigan State Police, and says he would loose his job if I was using medical marijuana in his house. I was not sure as I would be the one with the card and not him.


Is there any legal protection for him or both of us under the law?



Fixed title - DN

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give your dad a break. you're puttting him between a rock and a hard place. at the very least he could lose his job, at the worst he might end up in jail. theres a way for you to move out on your own-you just need to find it. he sounds like he is discussing this with you. thats good. wait till you move before you start treatment. he'll know if you do.

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yea, the MMMACT protects people being around you - while you grow or use marijuana.


I find many state police officers are cool - they uphold the state law, and not BS local ordinances on MM. Your dad just needs to be educated about the law -


Print this link out -


(i) A person shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or penalty in any manner, or denied any right or privilege, including but not limited to civil penalty or disciplinary action by a business or occupational or professional licensing board or bureau, solely for being in the presence or vicinity of the medical use of marihuana in accordance with this act, or for assisting a registered qualifying patient with using or administering marihuana.




I know already of one Sheriff Deputy who has a Caregiver's card for his spouse, he grows marijuana and still is on active road patrol. The reason being is he does not use it, thus will never have THC in his system. Don't start BS about second hand smoke in this thread.


Now, perhaps he is concerned for other reasons - he might be concerned that you will not use marijuana as medicine. You have to prove that you will gain health benefits and you must be real about it. You can show him how you are cutting back on pills, he could see positive benefits from observing your new behavior. You can invite him to a local CC meeting where he can see what kind of community you will be a part of - disabled, professional people - ages 44 to 60 is typical.


Many of us respect LEO, LEO that respect the community they serve and uphold the laws created by the will of the people. I myself am retired armed security and crime lab.


Use facts, over emotion.



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No offense Scrog, but that's horrible advice and YES, HE COULD BE PUNISHED if he didn't know. If challenged, he would have to prove he didn't know. Not right, but realistic.


Best advice would be talk to him, but respect his decision, and his house, if you do not want to negatively effect your relationship with him. If you must move out, do so.

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give your dad a break. you're puttting him between a rock and a hard place. at the very least he could lose his job, at the worst he might end up in jail. theres a way for you to move out on your own-you just need to find it. he sounds like he is discussing this with you. thats good. wait till you move before you start treatment. he'll know if you do.


Quite the compassionate response...the fact of the matter is that this is untrue your Dad has nothing to do with the situation as long as you are not growing there and just keep your meds in a small safe in your room....zero culpability


This is the law of Michigan and your Dad works for the state not the feds DN is right you just have to educate him and it would be best to have a notarized lease stating you are renting a room if you wanted to grow your meds there


Yada Yada Yada

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tough situation.


im positive as a father you dad has your health and best interest at hear.


as a father, im sure he enjoys being a family provider.


while your dad should NOT have any issue work wise, with YOU being a card holder, we all know, if his commanders are afriad of cannabis, it wont play well with Dad.


Anyone recall Eman? UP Sharrif, was a CG, was found out, suspended without pay (sick and wrong cuz a midland cop sexually took advantage of a mentally handicapped women her in Midland last spring, he was on leave WITH Pay while they investigated it. he was eventually fired but he raped someone without the ability to really defend themselfs. and got piad while he was being fired for it...



talk to your dad. show him the part DN pointed out. better yet, you should talk with your dad, take a few hrs ,pull up the Lara MMJ website, and the two of you read thru the law together and get a feel for it. im willing to bet your Dad will get a wake up call on the Law as it is passed. remember each part of the law is connected to the rest of the law. so when he reads on section and gets that confused look, remind him that is only one part, and must be connected to the rest of the Act, then it fully makes sense.




ALso take some time and research your illnesses and how it is being affected by those that do use medical cannabis.


the end result is you should respect our dad wishes. as a father, im positive he wants for you to be pain free. as a State Police, he has a rigourous job to do, and this could be a conflict of interest per his commanders, just proving their idiotic reasoning.


Education is Key!

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The reality is if there was a raid on his house his name gets dragged through the mud regardless of whether he knew anything or whether it was legal. You could be perfectly legal but then so are many people who are raided. If a raid happened at your dad's house he will, at the very least, be stigmatized and probably ostracized. That will not be good for him when he has to go to work with that day after day.


I would suggest that if you do get a patient card you do not grow in his house. I would further suggest that you give him, at least, plausible deniability. Don't smoke in the house. Don't keep large amounts of product. Keep a small stash and medicate discreetly. That, to me, would strike a fair balance.

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Being both a father and a son, this is an easy one.


His house, his rules.


I agree and the lmiting effect on personal relationships with others whom are recreational users poses a huge challenge to young people still able to socialize - it confuses adults with the experience to avoid the dangers . One slip motiviated by compassion can result in a lifetime of misery not to mention the effect on educational and work opertunities . Many of us are older without hope of improvement . Without knowing details on your health situation it is impossible to respond correctly .


I have a dehabillitating neck injury so I know how much this can help .But I can tell you from the bottom of my heart if I I were young and able to stand the suffering without cannabis to avoid the discrimination and limitations now imposed on cannabis patients I would . I hope the legal issues many are going through now will create a day where people treat cannabis like any other medication but were not close yet . You should be very proud of your father being a MSP officer is quite a acheivement . I am sure he has the benefit of more information then we do to base his decision on and really wants the best for you .


If your not feeling right without cannabis make sure you get a comprehensive blood panel done . It many show something that may help you find peace . Most of us are on our last legs . I hope your not but i understand illness and injury respects no age limits . If it becomes appropriate I am sure your father will do what is necessary to avoid your having to suffer unjustly .

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Thanks for all the advice guys. I will try and talk with him some more and go over the law together and see what he thinks. Also my sister has cancer and, although she isn't living with us right now, she might need medical cannabis at some point and might end up needing to use it in his house. I figure if the same state that he works for has a law protecting him in this situation, he shouldn't have a problem with it.


And if he still does have a problem, obviously I will respect his wishes in his house. He already said he wouldn't have a problem with me having it, just not in his house.

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Hey guys, quick update...so I just talked it over with my dad. He still doesn't want it in the house, saying its because federally it is still a schedule I drug.


He said he wouldn't care if I had my card, he wouldn't care if I used it, I just can't have it at his house.

I tried explaining that it wouldn't help to use it anywhere else because I just need it to go to sleep. I tried


I understand where he is coming from, but I'm still kind of upset about it.


Well, I guess I'm gonna take another vicodin and go to bed!

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