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Caregiver Question


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i am a patient, and my dad is a patient, he grows at his place and i grow at mine, my question is am i able to become his caregiver, and keep him in the posession of the plants, would i be able to keep the extra 2.5 oz for him, and would he be able to grow his plants and keep 2.5 oz for himself? I'm still alittle confused on how all this caregiver thing works. thanks for the advice.



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A little bit longer explanation is yes, you could hold 2.5 oz for yourself, and 2.5 for him. And he could do the same for you.


Then the plant possession issue. Yes, there is a check box on the app/change form that specifies who possesses plants, PT or CG. So you can be his CG, and he can keep his plants. he can be your CG and you keep your plants.


You would then be able to aid him in his grow and he could aid in yours. It gets tricky however if you have more than just your plants, like if you become a CG for more than just your dad and have plants in excess of 12, then I don't think he can have access to your room as he would be in contact with plants for a PT he is not a CG for.


Personally I want the courts to say that any PT/CG can be in/around plants so any PT or CG can enter ANY grow room legally. I think that part is a little grey in the laws yet.

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Only the caregiver is allowed to posses plants. so they must be in a locked room where the patient can't get to it. even if its in the same home as long as its in a seperate locked room and your good


Sorry to have to point this out, but you are somewhat mis informed.


It is solely the Patients right, to name their caregiver, and decide if they want to retain plant possession, or allow the Caregiver the right to posses this plants. Even then, with the Care Giver having plant possession, the plants can be at the patients domicile. So long as the patient does not have access to the cured ready to use medicines. but the CG must maintian the grow failicy security, and can not allow anyone else access, on any circumstanses barring emergency, but also to reasonably assure even the patient can not gain access, unless the CG is present...


short answer Rob, in my opinion, yes, perfectly acceptable and with in the outlines of the 08 MMM Act. In fact, I would say that is exactly one of its significant intentions.


Barb and Sal Agro case is similar to this in some aspects I believe.

yes it was instigated from a dispenosrey Barb worked at, that her son owned, but it bled over into her own relationship with her husband (rest his soul) who was her CG only if I recall correctly.

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wow manipulation of the law at is finest, you guys would make our main enemy a happy guy, he could tear that up and spit it out.. and all the anti's he has under his thumb. for an excuse to really try to lock down the law at his best. I mean i applaud you on your creativeness, but i for one would think none of that would hold up. sure peeps are doing it, however i think and purely adding an opinion here. that leo would figure you could have your plants. but once you claim a patient in the house that your a caregiver for and even if you lock it up, they would see that extra 2.5 as bonus for them, and charge you.. JMHO

Now can ya do it ,, sure,,, do i care.. No.. but for arguments sake, and what do i think would be the outcome if issue were to come to hand... leo would bust your balls.. The, I'm my wife's caregiver too and i keep 2.5 for her for later,,, :)

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