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Another Jury Refuses To Convict Says Marijuana Should Be Legalized.

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Jacob Sullum shares this incredible story from a defense attorney in Kansas.


I had a jury trial this morning on level 3 possession with intent MJ, level 4 possession drug paraphernalia and level 10 no drug tax stamp. During voir dire, my almost all white, middle-class, middle-aged jury went into full rebellion against the prosecutor stating that they wouldn't convict even if the client's guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt -- almost all of them! They felt marijuana should be legalized, what he does with it is his own business and that the jails are already full of people for this silly charge. Then, when the potential jurors found out that the State wanted him to pay taxes on illegal drugs, they went nuts. One woman from the back said how stupid this was and why are we even here wasting our time. A "suit" from the front said this was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard. The prosecutor ended up dismissing the case. Judge gave me a dismissal with prejudice. I'm still laughing my donkey off over this one. I have NEVER seen a full on mutiny by an entire jury pool before. Easiest win ever!


In so many ways, the drug war's own exploding unpopularity is poised to become its downfall. Events like this aren't the norm (yet), but the mere threat of insurrection in the courtroom is already an important check against prosecutorial overreach in the war on drugs (in case you were wondering why so many medical marijuana raids never lead to criminal charges).


As the polls continue to turn in favor of reform, the refusal of juries to convict marijuana offenders could quickly become a brutal burden for these drug war boneheads to bear. It's about darn time

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In reply to all of the above, If the state even thought of such actions it would clearly show a complete disregard for the stair diceses. ( sorry for the bad spelling admins feel free to edit )

And a willfulness to ignore The constitutional provisions of a fair trial and impartial jury.

Which would amount to obstruction of justice.


imho I think people have had enough of family members and friends being rail roaded in the court system.

And the more people become aware of the waste of time, money, and law enforcement resources the greater the resistance to bull scrap prosecutions.

Questions that need answers: What does an investigation cost the tax payer

What does it cost them to jail offenders until trial?

What does it cost the tax payer when a case goes to trial?

The public needs to know what a waste of resources this witch hunt costs them.

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I saw a special about a boy charged with paraphernalia. The mother did not get him a lawyer as she was trying to teach her son a lesson as well. The judge decided to lock this boy up for 6 months in a juvenile prison. Normal guidelines called for a slap on the wrist and some probation. this boy got out and immediately committed suicide. Months later the judge was found guilty of taking money from the prison for increasing prisoners.


as long as prisons are privatized we will be hunted



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Thats just one example of a government intent on total control of it's people.

Believe it or not we are bought and sold on the global market everyday.

If the company you work for has been bought you were sold.

China bought us years ago, and the plan is to destroy the unions and get our wages as low as possible.

The method in use is a slow dismantling of our government's leadership through the good ole boy system.

Gratitude for seeing things their way can range from cash to jobs for relatives.

Yep, being in a position of power has it's perks.... :/ All to the common mans determent.

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if china is going to rule us, i hope they do away with the religion.

no need to make us 12 hour shift slaves and then go to pray for hours.


so is it better to say you 'could' convict , get into a jury, and then deadlock it?

or is it better to say you 'cant' convict in the selection process and hope it works out?

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