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Train Reck

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Trainwreck was one of the first strains I grew. I'm trying my first bubblebucket with a Trainwreck, and it's growing like crazy. The only thing I noticed about TW is that it occasionally needs a dose of cal-mag or it will show a deficiency. It's a nice strain to grow and have found that it's good for both day and evening use.

Glad you were able to find some clones locally!

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Hey brother, yeah thrilled about finding them so close to home. It was actully kinda funny Joe it happened. A patient of mine where out to lunch with his father ( the last guy u would ever imagine to medicate with Mmj) I was discussing my clone issue with them trying to break the ice for my freind to break the news to his father he is a Mmj patient. Before my buddy had the chance his dad says " oh o can help you out with that SS. I lol thinking he is just fu**ing with me. Well long storey short we went back to his place after lunch and my freinds boy hood bedroom was a very nice grow operation. His father has been off of pain killers for a little over a year with the use of Mmj. Still can't belive the luck. At the end of it all my buddy's dad had known his son has been smoking for years and he felt no reason to rock the boat. Long ramble I know sorry about that but it was funny. Any how have you grown it in TR in soil if so what where your yields like, veg time, and wattage. Ty brother

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Hey Letterhead hows it going bud? Hows that TW in the bucket going?

Is she big? Do you have her in bud yet?


Stewedscrewed you can look at my pics to see my first time try with Trainwreck.

She was a beast . Yielded massive budds that weighed 10 ounces dry.

I grew her in a 18 gal. bubbletote. I used floranova one part gorw and one part bloom.

Spent less than 35 dollars in nutes for that plant in particular.

Have gotten no less than 8 ounces everytime Ive grown her.

Well good luck to ya.



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My room is sealed up like fort Knox. Have to shut the air exchange fan off to open the door. Thank u KD for the info that's the info I'm looking for. I will still be watching them close on there first few runs. You said six foot how long was the veg, wattage in veg and flower room? Ty SS


All the info you need can be found inside my journal. :))



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Hi Wozer! After just growing in dirt, this thing is amazing. It's a bush that's big enough to want it's own light. It's been in flower for about two weeks now. I can see why people use totes. It drinks about a gallon a day, and a 5 gal. bucket almost isn't big enough. I bet this will produce at least 8 oz., just like yours. But then again, I did get it from you! The other cutting I got from you I put in dirt, but over-fed it so it's really stunted. I've stopped over-feeding, by the way. I got some bad advice when I started growing, but I finally figured it out.

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