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ak 48 has the seeds..... its with super silver haze with a few seeds and lemon skunk and sour diesel with almost none...all in the same room and we have really cleaned it well after each harvest.... we use reverse the first week of flower to stop it but it doesn''t always work and this time there is a ton of seeds in the ak....

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did the heatwave turn your mothers into ladyboys? could be the problem.

would explain why you keep getting herms from clones.


try putting one mother into flower and see what happens.


dirt? hydro? airo?

trust me, if you got seeds, you got pollen too. thats how this whole birds and the bees thing works.

theres no such thing as having a baby without some baby batter flying around.

no, you didnt pick it up from a toilet seat! that excuse isnt going to fly around here young lady!


you cleaned the fan blades? the lights?

did you try growing the seeds? do they herm too? is your grow room light proof?

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