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Renewal Concern

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Yep you should be so worried that you need to go home, and make your self a nice comfy spot next to your mail box and just make your self at home until you get your card or denial letter! :bong2:


Once the mail goes by, you may go in the house for the nite :drinking-coffee:


dont be using any mm at all until you get your card because you didnt go to post office and get it signed delivery :judge:


And Learn form this, take your head out of your butt and do it right next time :butt2:


Now becuase of your mistake we have to worry with you till it comes! :watching:


Hey you gave them 22 days to get it to you, I sent mine in 21 days before my card expired and I got mine back in 21 days, the day my card expired my new one was in the mail, but I did mine the right way signed reciept paid at the post office, I can only hope you sent a personal check lmao!




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in all the years ive done this.. i have not sent one certified mail yet.


and that includes several of my patients renewals as well...


make sure you allow enough time to process your application.


takes 2-3 weeks to cash the check sometimes..


then...once the check clears your bank.  you know for a fact your application has been received, opened and is being processed.


many people swear to send it in certified..


be my guest...


it's not for me personally.


just maybe try to remember next time... send it in 60 days prior to your expiration and you wont have to worry about and count each day...


once the doctor signed your certification your are protected under the veil of section 8... but it is far better to have section 4 protections by sending in the renewal ontime at that 60 day mark...


glad your check was cashed...


21 business days...


you should have your card.. :):(:):(

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