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2 Year Cards ?

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Don't get too excited if your clinics like mine they require a 6 month eval at $50 a visit so my savings get ate up by the extra doctor visits. <_<


 My doctor offers free follow up visits.  I can stop in every few months to have a chart note made and add records from my primary to my file.  (Free of charge)   

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cards should be for life for a higher fee, like most all of us, our sickness will never go away so why cant we get a life card......  just my dime on the thought,thanks

Same reason you can't get a life script for any med.  Docs need to re-evaluate you in case you have condition changes.  If you are taking meds that will be adversely affected by the mj or if you develop conditions for which mj could cause complications then a doc may not want you on the mj anymore.

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